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5 Spells for Money that are Free

Many people who want money believe they only have to work hard to achieve this. But time and time again, we see that hard work doesn’t always lead to financial success. There are various spells for money you can cast that will make you rich beyond your dreams. But first, you need to understand how money works.

It is safe to say that you are here because you’re in urgent need of money. It is an awful feeling to work hard just to pay your bills without any money left for other expenses. It can, indeed, be quite discouraging.

If you want to make money without any sweat, you need to align your thoughts on the subject of making money with the universe. Since money dwells in its own spirit realm, you will be able to make money by spiritually accessing this realm.

One sure way to gain access to endless wealth is to cast a money spell. So if you want to improve your financial situation and accumulate wealth, here are 12 spells for money that free and powerful:

spells for money

General Things You Need to Cast Spells for Money

If you want to successfully cast a money spell, you need to have some things set up. These are tools that are essential to all kinds of spells including financial prosperity.

For starters, you need to build an altar where the ritual or spell-casting will be done. The altar doesn’t necessarily have to be an entire room. It can simply be a small space in a room. All you need to set up the altar includes a hard surface where the spell ingredients will be placed. This can be a table, cabinet or even the floor.

You can also decorate the altar with symbols and artifacts that exhibit your faith and beliefs, colored candles, and dim lighting.

Now that your altar has been set up, here are the 5 money spells you can cast:

  1. Money Spell with Candles and Oil

This is definitely one of the simplest spells for money you can cast. It requires just a few ingredients {candles and oil) and can be done any time of the day. It does, however, require that you cast the spell at the same time every day for it to be effective.

Things you need to cast this spell:

A white candle

A green candle


All three ingredients are quite symbolic with the white candle representing you and the green candle representing the wealth you wish to get.

How to cast this spell:

Oil both candles to anoint them for the ritual. To do this, just lightly rub the candle with oil and try to focus your mental energy on the wealth you wish to acquire.

Place the candles on the surface of your altar, a few inches away from each other.

Ignite the candles then recite this money spell chant for the ritual:

“Money, Money, Money,

Wealth, Wealth, Wealth

Come my way and enrich me

Make me richer than my heart desire

I have money in abundance,

I have wealth in abundance.”

As you recite the spell, gently move the green candle close to the white candle until they are touching each other. Extinguish the flame once you finish the chant.

Do this ritual every day for nine days and on the last day, let the candles burn out.

After casting this spell, your chances of fortuitously coming across a huge pile of money will be greatly increased.

  1. Calling for Money Spell

This is definitely one of the popular spells for money. It does, however, require a full moon to be effective. To cast this spell, put a silver coin in a bowl filled with water and hold the bowl with your left hand near a window so that it receives moon light.

Run your right hand around the bowl in a clockwise direction and recite the following chant:

“Oh Goddess of the moon, fill my hands with gold and silver and bring me abundant wealth. I receive all the money you bring to me.”

Chant the spell thrice and pour the water away. Keep the coins and spend it as soon as possible so that the spell starts to work.

  1. Double Your Money Spell

Like the name suggests, this is a simple money spell that is used to multiply a particular sum of money by a factor of 2. So in order to be able to cast this spell, you have to possess a substantial sum of money.

Things you need to cast this spell:

Some amount of money

A white envelope

How to cast this spell:

Put fresh notes of money of the highest denomination that you have into the white envelope and seal it.

Fold the envelope into an equal half and recite the chant:

Powers that be, grant me this wish

A way to double this sum

The spirit of money hear my call

Increase my money without any short.

  1. Money Spell that Uses Energy Flow

This spell makes use of energy flow and must be done for a week to yield any positive result. To carry out this spell, you need a silver bowl, two green-colored candles, and some coins.

How to cast this spell:

Light the candles and place them on either side of the bowl

Then take the coins and arrange them just outside the bowl in a way that they completely surround the silver bowl

While doing this, recite the chant:

Money surround me, just like these coins surround this bowl

Money come close to me, make me wealthy and prosperous.

Say this chant with faith until the last coin has been arranged beside the bowl

Each time you walk pass the bowl, pick a coin and put it inside the bowl.

Do this until all the coins are inside the bowl, then repeat the process until the seventh day

After finishing, this simple spell, you’re certain to fortuitously come across a huge sum of money.

  1. Money Knot Spell

All you need for this spell is a green thread. Simply tie 9 separate knots on the thread at an equal distance. While tying each know, recite the following chant:

With these 9 knots, I call on the spirit of wealth to reside in my home

Let everything thing I do bring about money and let all my financial troubles disappear forever.


Money is very important if you wish to live a meaningful life, so if you’re struggling to make money, try any of these 5 spells and watch as you suddenly begin to grow wealth.

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