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7 Ideal Small Animals for Pets

Not all small animals make ideal pets because size has never been a factor that determines the ferociousness of a creature. That, however, doesn’t mean you should bring home a man-eating T-Rex because size doesn’t matter. The truth is smaller animals are more likely to be better pets than larger creatures.

If you live in an apartment or a small house or just don’t want to deal with an animal the size of an average dog, there are some midget creatures you can accommodate that will be amazing pets. These are the 7 most ideal small animals for pets; some on this list are also low maintenance pets that like to cuddle. If you’re, however, looking for small pets are a bit pricey then check out the best small pets for cuddling.

  1. Hamster

This is perhaps the cutest animal for a pet. If you’re looking for a small sized pet that isn’t handful or violent, then this should be at the top of your list. In fact, hamsters are the first pets often purchased for kids because of their size and their calm demeanor.

With a hamster, you get peace of mind and don’t have to worry about getting injured by your pet. More importantly, though, the sanctity of your home will certainly not be ruined.

  1. Guinea Pig


Another small animal you should consider when trying to procure a pet is a guinea pig. It is also one of the safest pets you can own, though, it is known to be more active than a hamster.

Guinea pigs, however, thrive better in groups so if you wish to breed this creature, you will have to purchase more than one. You also need to have an open yard at home if you intend on having pet guinea pigs as they prefer to run around in the open.

  1. Mouse

Yeah, if you’re looking for a cute small animal to adopt as a pet, then a mouse should definitely be one creature for you to consider. A smaller relative of the more rugged rat, it is calmer and less destructive. It is also a more independent animal that really just prefers to do its own thing.

If you intend on acquiring a mouse as a pet, you must ensure that you build a standard cage that will properly accommodate the animal.

You can’t let a small pet like this roam freely in your home, it just isn’t ideal. You should make the cage roomy, though, so that the mouse has enough space to move.

  1. Gerbil

This amazing animal likewise belongs to the rodent family and is definitely one of the coolest pets to have. Like a hamster, it is one of the first pets that are given to kids when they are ready to own their own pets.

It is quite an active rodent when compared to its more popular relatives and is also social, which is why you may have to purchase more than one for your home. It loves to dig and explore, so put all these into consideration when building a cage for it.

  1. Rabbit

Yeah, this belongs to the second category of small animals for pets. Though the animals in this category are larger than a mouse, a guinea pig, and a hamster, they are still dwarfed by many common pets owned by people.

A rabbit is one of the cutest pets you can ever keep and is also quite easy to cater for. You should be wary when buying a rabbit to be bred though as it is a delicate creature.

You should also ensure that the hutch of the rabbit is properly built to protect it from adverse weather and possible predator.

  1. Ferret


Another small animal that belongs to the second category of pets is the ferret. It is basically a domesticated version of a Polecat and can be compared physically to the more aggressive weasel. The ferret is, however, anything but aggressive and is, in fact, one of the best exotic pets you can have in your home.

Ferrets are crepuscular in nature, which basically means that they are only active during dawn and dusk. This also implies that they are often asleep during the other hours. Unlike its wild relative, which likes being solo, ferrets prefer to hang out with other creatures of its species.

  1. Hedgehog

If you’ve got a yard with a selection of trees scattered across, one pet you must have to live in such a habitat is a hedgehog. The animal, which loves climbing trees, can also live indoors like a normal pet.

This creature is an omnivore that loves to eat a wide range of food including tree sap, honey, and even insects. Hence, as long as its habitat is conducive, it should be able to cater for itself.

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