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The Best Weight Loss Gym Routine for Male and Female

Losing excess weight can be a tedious goal to accomplish. It involves strict adherence to a healthy weight-reducing diet and, of course, engaging in consistent workout sessions. The latter plays a very crucial role in burning accumulated fats.

To successfully engage in fat-burning exercises for the purpose of losing weight, you must come up with a workout plan. Just aimlessly exercising isn’t going to do much for you. You must have a plan and more importantly, a weight loss gym routine that strategically creates a schedule for every individual exercise you will engage in during the period.

Why is a Gym Routine Important for Successful Weight Loss?

If it was so easy to lose weight without strictly following a workout plan or a gym routine, everyone would be doing it and there won’t be a huge fitness market that is presently thriving.

You must first understand, though, that weight loss should only be a priority when your weight has a negative effect on your general health and well-being. Losing weight for superficial purposes only isn’t really right and may even have a negative effect on your body.

So what does this mean? It simply means that you should check with a medical doctor before proceeding with any weight loss program in order to affirm your suitability.

Now that that has been taken care of, here are some reasons why a gym routine is important for successful weight loss:


It provides you with a workout plan for weight loss

It ensures that you’re only engaging in exercises that target the removal of excess fat from your body

It helps you to avoid procrastination, which is a common problem when you exercise without a plan

It ensures that other aspects of your life aren’t negatively affected by your new workout life

It motivates you to see your workout plan to the end, increasing the chances of a positive result.

So now that you understand the importance of a weight loss gym routine, you can check out this awesome gym routine that will guarantee successful weight loss.

You should note that not even the best weight loss exercise routine will be successful if you don’t show commitment and dedication. It will also be ineffective if you just continue to eat unhealthy junk food after each workout session.

So what are the exercises that make up an effective gym routine? Well, they mainly include full body workout, core workout, upper body workout and cardio.

Full Body Workout

As the name suggests, it is a type of workout that is aimed at strengthening vital muscles all across the body. It involves a variety of muscle strengthening drills that mostly involve the use of an apparatus or equipment.

A few full body workout procedures you’ll have to engage in include the seated triceps extension, the stability ball lunge, the stability ball back extension, the stability ball single leg squat, the triceps dumbbell kickbacks, the crunch with the toe tap, and pulsing lunges.

It is ideal to assign one day in a week just for full body workout. This allows you to focus solely on the few workout activities, thus, improving the end result.

Core Workout

Core workouts are crucial to weight loss as they are responsible for eliminating fats stored in your midsection (belly fat) and back. If you wish to transform that bulgy stomach into a visually alluring 6-pack, then you must dedicate at least a day every week for executing various core workout routines.

Examples of gym exercises you will engage in to achieve this include cable crunch, barbell side bend, crunches, and reverse crunches etc.

Upper Body Workout

This is a workout routine that is meant to strengthen your arm as well as your shoulder. It gives you a build that is both healthy and attractive.

When you engage in the other two workout procedures to eliminate fat scattered around your body, you must also build the muscles in your upper body. This ensures that you have a uniform shape that is fit and attractive.

It is common for those who lose excess fat around their body to look a bit uneven; with strict upper body workout, though, you can avoid this problem.


You probably know the importance of cardio in the grand scheme of things. It is crucial for a healthy heart, which is perhaps the most important organ that is affected by being overweight. You must, hence, engage in cardio at least thrice a week in order to be more efficient in your routine.

Apart from its principal function, cardio also helps to train your heart so that it can withstand the stress from other workout procedures you are engaged in.

If you’ll be visiting a trusted fitness center during your weight loss gym routine, then a 30 minutes session on the elliptical should be enough cardio in a day.

So now that you know all the workouts you’ll engage in to lose weight, here is a workout timetable you can work with for fast results.


Monday: Core Workout

Tuesday: Cardio (30 minutes)

Wednesday: Upper Body Workout

Thursday: Cardio (30 minutes)

Friday: Total Body Workout

Saturday: Cardio (20 minutes)

Sunday:  Rest


Talk with a nearby gym to see if it can come up with a plan that will fit this schedule. You can also work together with one of the trainers to craft something similar. By adhering to this gym routine, you can achieve your goal of visible weight loss in just a couple of weeks. Remember, it’s your commitment and dedication that matters.

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