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Many misconceptions are circulating about betting in South Africa due to the 2004 National Gambling Act – one of these misconceptions is that the Act has completely ruined gambling in South Africa. This is not quite true.

Even though many forms of gambling are illegal in South Africa due to the 2004 Gambling Act, there are still various sports betting providers and lotteries like UK49s.  We’ve put together this short guide to help you find out what kind of betting options in South Africa you can get involved in. We have also tried to find out which things are to consider finding a reliable virtual betting provider in South Africa.

Sports betting in South Africa

At first glance, it seems that the National Gambling Act prohibits all forms of gambling there, so online gambling in South Africa is considered to be illegal. This is largely true, but sports betting, such as football, is legal. Many bookmakers have sprung up to facilitate online sports betting specifically for residents of South Africa.

So, gambling of all kinds has a complicated history in South Africa. Before 2004, only horse betting was legal, but this was considered an occupation reserved for only the wealthiest residents of South Africa. This changed in 2004 when gambling was legalized and the small market of horse racing bookmakers suddenly expanded to include everything from traditional casino games to the recently popular e sports betting, which accounts for much of the current betting trend.

How to find a reliable South African bookmaker: a short guide for beginners

Finding betting sites that are available to South Africans is a little difficult, and we have always described above, why is it so. However, there are some South African legal bookmakers, and you can always be sure that a local operator will follow and implement the rules of the National Gambling Committee and operate legally.

Before you can place bets on your favorite teams, you will need to make a deposit or deposit money on all the sites you want to use. This is quite simple but can seem a little complicated the first time. However, you must keep in mind that even if the best sports betting sites in South Africa offer betting and payments in different currencies. And before you make any deposits to betting accounts, you should first find an e-wallet that you like to use.

The next sign that a provider is good is that you’ll always be able to get in touch with the people registered on the website. Observe the activity of the other people, read reviews on forums on the web, try chatting with other people, etc.

A reliable betting provider should exist for a certain period, thus earning certain credibility among the players. The website should be well designed, and it should be a sign that you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into attracting players. It costs a lot of money to build and maintain a high-quality website, so there’s no sense at all in trying to take advantage of the players to make their online casinos continue to exist.

Stick to these simple tips before you start playing, and then you are sure not to fall for cheaters and not to be disappointed in the game itself, which is always multifaceted, interesting, and fascinating.


The legality of gambling and betting has always been a little unclear in South Africa since the mid-twentieth century, but sports betting is booming and is unlikely to disappear anytime soon.

So now is the perfect time to look at reviews of the various sites, check the sites, and find the ideal provider. Who knows, maybe your next bet will win you enough for a brand-new car? Get started and start playing today! And don’t forget, that the main thing about betting is about having joy and positive emotions.

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