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13 Amazing Gluten Free Breakfast Meals at Fast Food Restaurants

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you, however, have to wake up early to get to work, you may not have the time to prepare breakfast. Thank God for fast food restaurants as you can simply grab a bite on your way to work or even have your meal delivered to you at home.

If you’ve got gluten sensitivity, then eating fast food meals may be a slight inconvenience, most especially to your digestive tract. Thankfully, many fast food chains now serve gluten-free meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

So, if you don’t want to keep wearing brown pants to work, here are some fast food gluten-free breakfast options for you to choose from:

  1. Burger King’s Bunless Whopper

This is one of Burger King’s top performing meals and definitely a good option if you have gluten intolerance. You can consume it with any milkshake flavor; though, the more popular flavors are vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

You can also eat it with breakfast syrup as both go perfectly well together and won’t disturb your sensitive digestive tract.

  1. In-N-Out’s Double-Double Protein Style

If you are so sensitive to gluten that a single bite can send your stomach into thunderous chaos, well then you should try this incredible burger from In-N-Out. It is basically a lettuce-wrapped burger that is both delicious and safe for gluten-free folks like you.

  1. McDonald’s Premium Bacon Ranch Salad

If you want to have breakfast at the popular fast food chain, McDonald’s, but have gluten sensitivity then the options for you aren’t really many. One meal that is ideal for you, though, is the bacon ranch salad. It is one of the few breakfast meals at the fast food chain that don’t contain wheat; one of the biggest sources of gluten.

  1. Chick-fil-A’s Grilled Chicken Nuggets

If you have experienced some gluten sensitivity after consuming chicken nuggets in the past then you probably just ate the regulation nuggets. The grilled chicken nuggets are the safest for you if you want to avoid Armageddon in your digestive tract. They are also quite tasty too.

  1. Culver’s George’s Chilli Supreme

Don’t panic yet! Yes, Culver’s is renowned for its breaded curds and fried cheese curds, which is probably a nightmare for GI folks like yourself. Surprisingly, though, the fast food chain does have some remarkable gluten-free options for breakfast. One of such options is the George’s Chilli Supreme, which is both delicious and free from gluten.

  1. KFC’s Caesar or House Salad

If you’re unable to take in any of KFC’s scrumptious meals because your stomach will start a riot then the safest breakfast meal you can have in the fast food restaurant is either the house salad or the Caesar salad. Apart from both options being gluten-free, they are actually healthy choices if you’re also engaging in a diet.

  1. Chipotle’s Burrito Bowl

Chipotle has earned a reputation as a fast food chain for healthy food seekers. If you’re a gluten-free freak then this is definitely your fast food paradise as almost all its meals are safe to consume…well as long as you don’t wrap them in flour tortillas.

The burrito bowl, however, is one of the restaurant’s top performers. It is also quite tasty too especially if you beef it up with extra guacamole.

  1. Sonic’s Bunless Bacon Cheeseburger

It is possible to enjoy a gluten-free breakfast meal at Sonic, all you have to do is remove the buns from its bacon cheeseburger. Once you do that, you’re left with bacon, beef, cheese and any other healthy slush you want.

  1. Whataburger’s Apple and Cranberry Chicken Salad

You won’t get a burger or Texas toast at Whataburger that is gluten free, that’s for sure. What you can get, though, is its delicious apple and cranberry chicken salad. Now, before you go mental because of the chicken, you should know that it is grilled, which is completely safe for GI folks.

  1. Popeyes’ Red Beans and Rice

Only a few meals served at Popeyes are able to make the gluten-free cut. It is a relief that one of the few is its special red beans and rice combo. This isn’t just safe if you’ve got gluten sensitivity, it is also very delicious. You can also try the Cajun rice if you want to try something different and a bit exotic.

  1. Subway’s Italian Salad

Known for its tasty sandwiches, the fast food restaurant also serves its special, Italian salad, for breakfast. Pepperoni is also added to the salad to give it that classic Italian flavor that is common in all classy Italian foods.

  1. Wendy’s Chili

Apart from its line-up of 5 varieties of salads, Wendy’s also offers a special chilli meal that is a delight for people with gluten intolerance. You can combine it with their baked potatoes for a truly delicious breakfast.

  1. Taco Bell’s Cantina Power Bowl

With lots of this restaurant’s meals containing varying levels of gluten, the best option you can get is its Cantina Power Bowl. Don’t worry. It is also served for breakfast so you can have a quick one before hurrying to work in the morning.

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