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Free Love Spell Chants That Will Make Someone Miss You

Ever thought of having the powers to attract someone you love so much, and you make them fall in love with you without having to do an extra work? You walk up to her with confidence and you are noticed immediately.

Do you know all these are possible just by chanting a Spell?

There’s a love spell to make someone think about you, call you, and a spell to bring back your ex-partner. There are 100 percent chances of getting this to work. No matter how your love life is going, this spell can help you through.

This could be your first-time encounter with a love spell chants, so you must know the following if it’s your first time.

  • How to perform an easy love spell for beginners.
  • What you need to do for a love chant to work perfectly well.
  • Examples of love spell that work almost immediately.

What is a love spell chant?

There are a lot of ways to cast a spell for love. While some methods are complicated and require to be elaborated, others only require a few minutes’ rituals.

Sending spells through chanting requires a strong focus from the caster. The caster must not only have a clear vision, but also must convey the chant with confidence.

When a magician uses his own words, he speaks directly from his own soul. And so, the universe believes that his desires are pure and truthful.

When are you to use the magic chant of love?

You have your reasons why you want to use love magic. Comfortable but strong, and you can ask for almost everything you want. Spell to make someone think! And the one that would make you fall in love deeply.

Here are some general suggestions for using Love Chants. Check to see if any one of them is suitable for you and for your purpose.


The first important thing is attraction in building up romantic relationship with the love of your life. Although we cannot make everyone in our lives happy and pleased with us, but we can always try our very best and live the rest. However, this is not a reason to feel insecure.

A lot of people feel a love spell works in a way that it would automatically make them attractive to their partners. The case is not always like that. Spells would only make you to be better than the way you were before, to improve you and your lifestyle.

The purpose of this enchantment is to attract the love of your life. Using this spell to forcefully get someone to you would result in bad consequences.

With this in mind, you are advised to apply this to yourself instead of your target. This would make you become confident, empowered, and always attractive to that person you always have in mind to be attracted to.


As explained above, there are many love spells that are performed in different ways like, to make someone call you, miss you, think of you and fall in love with you. Know that this does not only work by just chanting alone, some other efforts are needed to be done by you.

Making someone think about you, you must make sure to have a strong relationship with that person for the spell to work well. Give them space so they can miss you. Once again, this is not a way to control someone or to change them entirely, so you should not force it on any one.


Love spells can also be used for healing purposes in a broken relationship, but first you need to have settled and sought their forgiveness. If they still don’t want to warm up to you, a love spell can help you calm them down so they would take off the coldness away from you.

But you must stand up and be ready to take action to achieve this. If you have apologized, but haven’t tried to change your bad habits, you might not be forgiven immediately. Asking forgiveness is one thing, but getting your trust is another.

Some things to consider before using a love spell chant

When done correctly, a love spell will work almost immediately after you chant, while in rare occasions, it can work after some minutes. You must be very careful when using it. Love spells can backfire and the consequences can be more dangerous than you think. You need to take the time to think about what you want and decide if it’s the right solution for you or not.

Every action we take has advantages and its consequences. We are responsible for everything that happens after using a love spell.

Unselfish Love

You don’t have to be selfish for any reason to make a successful love spell. If your aims are selfish, you will not get the right results you want. Love spells may still work, but the results will not be as effective as it was supposed to. But you’ve got to remember that, the power that comes through selfishness is not too strong and would not last longer before they fade off.

For Good Intentions

Use a love spell in good faith. The Universe has given us the opportunity to get all we want, and as such, we should use it in good ways and for positive reasons. Know that whatever we put into the world would surely come back right at us.

How to start a Love Spell Chant

You do not need to be a witch for you to do love spell or have a kind of extraordinary powers to perform the act.

Having a strong contention with your spiritual being, goes a long way in making the spell work well. Now, you can start the process of love spells, and everything you need to know would be listed below for your understanding.


Like we said earlier, you must have a strong connection with your spiritual being and the universe. Now you might be wondering how you can do that. The first step is to get into meditation or yoga. By doing meditation and yoga, you will get to learn attentiveness and how to be mindful of yourself. You will also learn how to be in the present. Our society is full of distractions.


Love spells are not complete without having materials at site. These materials can be candles, photos, liquid. But all love spells need the doers to visualize their desires clearly. Before you may want to engage yourself in love spells, you are required to do some practice.

Finding a Spell

Love spell chants are different. They are more powerful than one another; all depends on the word that is used. These words should be chosen carefully before performing the chants.

You may have to find the spells that actually fit what you want. This should contain clearly what you want. Consulting a well experience person is recommended if you don’t know what you are doing.

Lean how to write your own Spell

Having your own spells can be better than using someone’s spells. Your words actually show your desires and the outcome. The universe clearly understands your desires.

Call on the powers in the highest order to assist you. You would have to decide if you would want to use materials like candles, cloth, and other materials you have decided. Make sure to include them in you spells

Examples of Easy Love Spells That Work Immediately

Lunar Power Love Spell

Many people often forget how strong the moon is. For centuries, many people have believed that the moon is a wonderful source of cosmic powers.

Start chanting on a moon night by finding a quiet place. It is much better if you can find a room where you can see the moon. Summon the Divine power of the moon. You can recite your chant or make an oral request to the moon, or whatever you wish.

Spell to Make someone call you

Do you really want to be called by your lover? You might jump onto a fight with them, they may not want to talk to you, and you may have something important to tell them.

To do this love chant, you need a candle and pieces of tarot cards. First, find the lover card and the tarot queen card from the pile. These cards represent the relationship between you and your partner.

Begin by lighting a candle and putting cards next to each other. Imagine yourself and your partner having fun time with each other. This could be the good memories you both have shared together in the past.

Picture your partner as if he/she is sitting next to you and order her to call you. Continuing the imagination as if he/she is about to reach out for their phone to place a call to you

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