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free love spells for beginners

How to Cast Free Love Spells that Work Immediately for Beginners

The purpose of this article is to teach you the six love spells that work immediately for beginners. If you would follow the steps and instructions, I assure that these spell would work for you. They have severally worked for many.

One of the most expensive and rare to find feelings is love. With this, it gladdens one if one finally finds love. Love is beautiful, and one finds it difficult to explain how it even feels.

Everyone, at one point or the other of his life, has been entrapped having these deep feelings toward others. So, finding your love is rare luck.

The rate at which we fall in love is not always uniform. It takes some a while to find, while some easily and quickly find theirs.

It is every man’s wish that his wishes are granted by the forces of the universe. It will be a lifetime joy if our love desires become reality. And when what seems to be love starts to fade, won’t it be cool to have a magical way to make things go in one’s desired direction?

No matter what share of love you are served, you can always make your love dream a reality or decide to keep it still a dream. One sure step to take in making your love dream a reality is to find free love spells that work with immediate effect.

To some, love spell does not even feature in their dream ideas. But isn’t it amazing to find magical powers that will grant you your love desires with immediate effect and without requesting for money?

When used with the right motive, there are a handful love spells that work like magic that they are. Whatever your motive is, either to find a lover, re-unite with your ex, or to deepen a fading love; these love spells promise to rekindle your romance life and, therefore, bring you the desired happiness.

Make sure you have the requirements, follow the instructions, give it timely practice, dedicate your energy and time towards the practice.

These spells have been tried by many and have been proven to work well if done with positive intentions.

Free Wish Spell that Works for Beginners with Immediate Effect

You are in the right place if you have someone whom you want back into your life. This spell sounds simple, but it is very effective in making sure your wishes come to reality. Emotional loneliness will not be your portion again if you practice this spell with the right intention, and if you will dedicate your energy in the right direction.


Six candles of any desired color will be required to perform this spell.


  • Relax and meditate for thirty minutes.


  • Do away with any thought, and make your mind focused on spell


  • Out of the six candles, you should light up five. Leave the remaining one unlit. With an open heart, start praying to the moon and recite this chant “Dear beautiful moon that beautifies the night, I, (mention your name), pray to you with my might. I ask that you give me a good night and stick to my sight.


  • Repeat this, as it helps you gather the necessary momentum energy required for the spell.


  • After waking up in the morning, meditate for thirty minutes to clear your mind. After this, play your favorite recorded meditation.


  • Bring your love wishes into imagination as if they are now realities.


  • Embark on a journey of thanksgiving and praises.


  • On the third morning, for three hours, visualize your dream coming through. After this, meditate for an hour.

To make sure this spell works effectively, the first part should be done just before going to bed, and make sure the sacrifice is carried out during the full moon.

A Free Spell to Make Someone Call You

This can be used to gather your energy to direct it to someone who you want to receive a call from. It is also meant for you if you have someone that has refused to pick your calls. This will make them pick your calls.



  • On a piece of paper, write down the name of the person and circle it


  • Visualize the person’s face


  • Use a needle or pin to pierce through the center of the circle


  • Put the paper next to your phone


Wait for the person’s call to enter. What determines how long it takes for the person to call depends on your dedicated energy, focus and time in which you do this. So, it may take minutes, hours, or even days to receive the call.

A Powerful Love Spell that Attract Your Soul Mate

This is another strong and powerful spell that will work within a short period of time. This is advisable for you if you have a fading love that you will want to deepen. This has a greater effect if your partner already has a bit of love towards you. Even when no one comes to mind, this will make the person’s love grow enough to start paying attention to you.



  • Minutes before going to bed, take a warm bath
  • To gather positive energy needed for this, start by meditating for minutes
  • Commune with the cosmos by praying out your wishes of finding a soul mate
  • Visualize your prayers going out of you and into the world
  • Keep your mind positive throughout the period of casting this spell.
  • Repeat this chant for 60 times, “Kainaat sune ishq maujood ho.”
  • When you are through doing this, relax and visualize your spell going out to meet and work on your soul mate
  • Continue doing this untill your soul mate starts to reach out to you.

Make sure you spend a quality time to focus and have a positive state of mind.

Simple Love Spell Chant for Beginners

If your effort in seeking for your love has been proven abortive, this simple but effective spell is meant for you. It contains chants that are easy to relate with.


  • Start by chanting “Kainaat sune ishq maujood ho”
  • Visualize the kind of person you will want as your love
  • Continue visualizing your love and with positive intentions
  • Keep repeating this for the whole day and setting your wishes.
  • Wait for your love to come to you in no time

While doing this, keep positive intentions and your energy focused. If you already have anyone in mind, visualize him/her positively. It is advisable that you do this when you just wake. Don’t also forget to do this in front of your home.

Free Binding Love Spell for Beginners

When love shares her good side with you, do not forget that tomorrow may hold a new story. In order to make sure that your love life is strengthened, this spell is designed for your sake. This will make sure that the love you both share lasts for a lifetime.

To do this, these are what you will need: enough clay to make two dolls, knitting needle, and a red ribbon.



  • Make two doll with the clay, one representing you; and the other representing your partner
  • Inscribe your name and your mother’s name on the doll representing you
  • On the one representing your partner, write his/her name and his/her mother’s name.
  • With the needle, make a hole on the dolls
  • Use the ribbon to tie the two dolls tightly together
  • Holding the dolls with your right hand and making sure they face up, chant aloud, “HAR KAAM PYAAR SAAT ANDOMANER PURA HUA.”
  • Do this every morning, repeating this forty times
  • Keep the dolls in the room you sleep.

This permanently works and it should be thought twice before being embarked on.

In conclusion, if you need any love spell that works in restoring happiness to your love life, use any of the above love spells to your benefit. Have it in mind to do it with good intentions.

Everyone has the right to have true love and healthy love life, hence, the purpose of these love spells.

49's Team