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free love spells to use on a specific person

Free Love Spells to Cast on a Specific Person

Do you have a specific person in mind, whose heart you want to gain? Below are a few spells that work like magic when it comes to winning people’s hearts.

Love might not be fair with you. You might have gone through lots of broken relationships, or maybe you have always been coming across the wrong partners. The fact still can’t be denied that true love, as every valuable commodity, is rare to find.

One good side of life is, life has the solution to whatever situation you find yourself. So, if you need help solving your current puzzle, consult cosmos. So, as love life is also concerned, you don’t have to run pillar-to-post to solve the puzzle. You only need to pay a visit to cosmos.

Casting love spell is one of the amazing things you can do for love. One hardly finds it difficult to believe that love spell is real, as many believe that it only happens in human imagination. The truth is, it has worked for some who did it the right way, and promises to work for you if you will also do it the right way.

If you still have interest in casting love spell, follow this, as we journey round the world of spell casting.

Comparison between Black And White Means of Magic Love Spell

Many people believe that casting love spell can only be done by black magic. This is absolutely wrong. It should be known to us that love spell done through black means does not last forever.

The media has even succeeded in convincing us, that black means of love spell only brings harm to both parties involved, and that no real relationship can be achieved through this means. All these seem true.

One sure way of casting love spell is by going through white means. The general opinion believes that black means of love spell works better. They only say this because black magic has quick effect. If you will adopt white means of love spell, it may take you a certain period of time for the magic to manifest, but one assurance is, the magic will certainly work.

You do not need to consult the dead, nor do you need to invite the goddess for you to cast love spell. Anyone can do the magic. Just believe you can do it, and you will do it.

There are complex spells that require one to be talented at casting spell and one’s good portion of time. But there are some that do not request much stress and time from you. We will show you several ways of doing this. Sit back, enjoy and choose the one that suits you from the list below.

Before you give love spell a try, these are what you need to know.

Whoever your tutor is, in the field of love spell, there are common guides he/she will give you. You must have a good contact with the one you want to use the magic on; you must have detailed information of the person; you must be friendly with the cosmos; the lists go on and on.

One major guild is your intention for casting the love spell. If you have good intention for doing it, the cosmos will treat you well. But if your intention is to spoil someone else’s relationship, the magic will come back to fight against you. So, if you have it in mind that no one is going to get hurt in the process, the magic is in your favor. But if it is the other way round, you know where you stand.


Attraction spell is a recommendable spell. It builds you into gaining confidence. People are attracted to someone that has confidence. This is a simple way to attract your crush to you. And here are the requirements.

  • A red and a pink candle
  • A leaf of paper and a pen
  • Matches
  • A noiseless workplace


The first step you have to take is to convert your environment into a suitable workplace for spell casting. You can do this by consecrating your workplace, achieved by meditating.

Secondly, take out the leaf of paper and inscribe your intentions on it. Write everything you desire to achieve by casting the love spell. Tear the leaf into seven pieces.

Fold the pieces

Now, assemble your candles, giving a space of two arm’s length. Place the pieces of paper between the two candles. Light the candles and start envisaging yourself as an attractive figure.

View yourself from the outside and admire yourself. Do this for minutes. After this, take a piece of the torn paper, blow into it, and light one of its ends with the red candle light, and another end with the pink candle light. Repeat this process until you have no piece of paper left out.


A lot of people have difficulties finding who their soul mates are. If you happen to fall among this category, this bell spell is meant for you. It is simple to perform, with little or no cost.

All you need are: a silvered bell, a pen, and a paper.

Steps to cast the spell

On the sheet of paper, describe what you want your soul mate to look like — his/her character, and everything you want from the person. When you are done writing these down, start visualizing yourself meet the person. Then fold the paper.

Ring the bell and cap the paper with it. Repeat this whole process for three to five days. And whenever you have free time, take the paper out and read it aloud into the hearing of cosmos. After reading it, ring the bell and cover the folded paper back with the bell. Ring the bell and it enables you calling out to your soul mate.


Coming together with someone you love but you had a breakup with is quite difficult. It is as hard as inviting a new lover into your life. The pain you both have passed through may even stand as a restriction.

There must be no forbidden thing between the both of you before this spell can work. If you want to mend your broken relationship, here is what you need to achieve the effect of the spell:

One white or pink candle, Vanilla oil, a string and a carving object.

Carve the name of your partner on the candle. Also, carve your name on your partner’s. Rub the carved names with vanilla oil, and tie the string round your cradle, making sure it covers your names.  Light up the candle. Watch the candle burn, and when it reaches the tied string, start saying some prayers and intentions. Blow off the candle light.

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