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How to Play and Win Lotto?

The chance that you just win the lottery is quite little. As a famous statistician John Haigh remarked, it’s a lot of probability. And a typical individual may hit the jackpot only after buying a lot of tickets at the shop until dead. Well, that’s only the probability, a real case for teatime results can range from deep down tough luck to jackpot sunshine in a minute. Like many other lottos, UK 49’s holds the same principle and users seek the result(check Teatime Result here).teatime results, UK 49s results, teatime results for today

One can pick many options while playing for UK 49’s, including

  • Singles
  • Doubles
  • Trebles
  • Four Folds
  • Five Folds
  • Booster or Bonus Ball

So we got a total of six value balls with excluding booster ball. One can play many other options as well.

Can an average increase the possibility of winning?

Yes there is always a chance, it really depends on a mindset and technique used.

What you can do(Part 1)

Simply fill in more combinations per draw. Your chance to win the jackpot of the LOTTO if you enter 1 combination of 6 digits. By entering 1 combination you have 1 chance of just over 8 million to win the jackpot. If you enter 2 combinations you have 2 chances on 8 million. It is therefore much more logical to chance games to play UK 49’s full-time over a year, just saying. And to fill in many combinations one should play every Saturday for 5 bucks.

To increase your chances, it is better to play for example on one draw for 260’ish bucks and then 52 draws (every Saturday) for 5 bucks. Playing more combinations on one draw increases the chance of seeing at least a percentage of winning and get your money back. But even if you fill thousands of combinations randomly, it is still very little effort to get down on the combinations.

The number of possible combinations you play can be greatly increased and if you share the betting draws with other players. Alas, you also spread the risk of disadvantage that you will have to share profits by the number of players in a group. Anyone who has the dream to win the Lotto one time will also set up a Lotto group of players.

teatime results, uk 49s teatime result, teatime results for today

What you can do(Part 2)

Choosing combinations based on statistical analysis The results of previous draws have no influence on future results. A definite 49’er will know that. The lotto balls do not have memory (although some of the folks have stubbornly thought otherwise). If ball number 1 falls three weeks in a row, then that is merely a deviation from the average. It has no significance for the rest of the week. The chance for ball 1 to fall next week remains 1 in 49. The chance for a ball that did not fall the previous week to fall the next week is also 1 in 49.  So, how can you increase the chance by statistical analysis? Statisticians can make recommendations on which combinations are more or less likely based on patterns from previous draws and combinations including probability calculations. Many mathematicians and the National Lottery will even let you know that there is no single system to increase your chances of winning the lotto.

Statistics certainly can not guarantee you to win the jackpot but you can increase the chances by a small percentage. Remember there is no guarantee in draws and bet. On average, it is more likely that one digit from the previous draw repeats in the new draw. If the result of the previous draw is 4 – 1 – 2 – 36 – 7 – 4 and 5 as a reserve number, choose one of these numbers for your new combination.

Analysis of over 3200 Lotto results shows that on 62.20%  of the draws a number is drawn from the previous draw. In  84.64%  of the draws, a number is drawn from the previous two draws. In  52.94%  of the draws, two numbers are drawn from the previous two draws.

One important thing to note is that whenever there are more players playing the game, the draws get denser and hence it is harder for you to win. So playing on a busy day(low people) can get you a jackpot even though the prize is smaller than the other consecutive off-days. In the history of lotto, there was never been the case that six digits were the same. It is certainly not impossible that the same combination would repeat itself in the future. One can only conclude that this has not happened so far, not in the UK. The answer to this complex theory is in the sequential probability calculation.

Although lotto balls have no memory, it is more likely that at least one ball falls that has not been dropped for at least 8 draws. We can approve this theory in the law of the large numbers and average calculations. Taking lotto balls, if all have the same chance of falling then all lotto balls will fall on average in the longer term. The law of the large numbers applied to lotto simply means that if you only try a sufficient number of times,  then you will have a definite ball number correct in the long run. If you live casually and always play the same combination, then eventually you will tick the right combination.

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