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10 Online Photo Editors Like Photoshop in 2021

Photoshop is renowned for being the best photo editing software in use today. It has a wide range of features that help you to create visually impressive images. It can also be used to drastically improve the quality of your photos.

Photoshop, however, became prominent when internet speed wasn’t guaranteed and graphic designers or digital photographers preferred to work offline on graphic design or photo editing projects. Thankfully, that has all changed with improved internet service across the globe.

There are now a lot of online photo editors like Photoshop that can be used to execute different photo editing tasks. What is awesome about most of these online tools is that they can be used for free.

Whether you just want to slightly improve the quality of a picture or want to design a web banner, these online photo editing tools are quite capable of accomplishing this.

So, if you’re looking for the best free photo editor online, here are 10 free online photo editors like Photoshop:

  1. GIMP

This is definitely one of the best free photo editors online. The full meaning of this awesome tool is GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is perhaps the closest online photo editor you’ll find to Photoshop, especially one that can be accessed for free.

Its interface can be completely configured to suit your taste, making it easy for you to make distinct alterations to your images or pictures.

It also has a wide range of fully-integrated tools that help to optimize the quality of your work. What is also amazing about this open source tool is that it is equipped with Photoshop plugins that help to create familiarity and hastens your adaptation to the tool’s features.


  1. Pixlr

If you’re just looking to make a few changes to photos without much stress, this has got to be the best alternative to Photoshop for you. All that is required for you to begin making aesthetic changes to your photos is to sign up on the online platform.

Pixlr isn’t only accessed via the internet browser, it is also available for iPhone and Android devices, ensuring that you’re just a few clicks away from completing that photo editing task.

Apart from its ease-of-use, Pixlr also provides its users with free stock images, graphics, and a free graphics editor. If you want some additional features, though, you’ll have to subscribe to a Pro package with added benefits.

  1. Fotor

This online photo editor also has a Windows version. Like Pixlr, its platform is built on simplicity, ensuring that photo editing tasks are successfully executed in easy steps.

Fotor is surprisingly efficient for an online photo editor, and it suffers from none of the loading problems that usually plague most other browser-based programs.

It has a wide range of filter features as well as photo effects that help you tweak your images until you get the quality you want. It isn’t as artsy as other picture editors due to the absence of a paintbrush tool.

  1. Befunky

Despite being a simple online photo editing tool, Befunky has an intuitive interface that offers bespoke solutions to your photo editing needs.

It has striking similarities with another photo editing tool, Fotor, as both can be used to create simple designs for posters, brochures, postcards, and even PowerPoint presentation slides.

Befunky is able to create crisp images that are perfect for blog posts and social media posts. It, however, lacks some powerful editing features that are commonly employed by professional graphic designers.

  1. PicMonkey

This photo editing tool isn’t really a free option even though it does offer a 7-day trial to new users. You will, however, need to select a billing option to be able to access the free trial.

It has a straightforward user interface that is quite intuitive and it can be easily operated by even a photo editing newbie.

There are also a lot of template images available to help you hasten the process of photo editing. It is an ideal image editor for web designers, graphic designers and bloggers.

  1. Google Photos

Released from the stables of the tech giant, Google, this photo editor is definitely one of the best free photo editors online. It has a photo library with a huge selection of photos and images you can choose from for your project.

It has basic photo editing features that should be suitable for carrying out simple functions like redeye, crop, color correction, and auto contrast. It is also able to make animation images in gif format.

All you need is a Google account and you will be able to access this online tool for free.

  1. Photoshop Express

This is basically the online version of the popular image editing software, Photoshop. Developed by the same company that gave us the popular tool, it contains a wide range of features that ensure you produce only the best images and photo edits.

All the features are also accessible with none locked or restricted. It doesn’t require a plugin to function as long as you have Adobe Flash installed. One noticeable difference between this tool and the offline software is its ease-of-use. It has a drag-and-drop mode of operation that can be easily understood by even a novice.

  1. Pixelied

Pixelied provides a wide range of image editing services and tools. Whether you want to design a business logo, create thumbnails for your youtube videos or simply remove the background of a picture, Pixelied has got you covered.

One feature you will definitely notice when you handle this online photo editor is how easy it is use. Its interface is quite simple that even a computer noob should be able to navigate. It also contains a wide array of creative features that you to get the best results for your graphic design needs.

  1. iPiccy

If ease-of-use is the sole metric that is used to measure the quality of online photo editors, then iPiccy will definitely be at the top of the list. You will never find another online editing tool that is more accessible.

Though it contains a large number of basic features, it does have some advanced features that should suit the expertise level of professional graphic designers. Features like clone tools, curve adjustments, and background erasers are examples of advanced features that may only be useful to graphic designers working on complex projects.

  1. Photopea

You want an online photo editor that combines all the features of your favorite editing tools like GIMP, Photoshop, Adobe XD, Sketch App, and even CorelDraw? Well, this is the online editing tool you should definitely go for.

Photopea supports image formats from all the above-listed tools, making it easy to transfer images and work on them without having any of these software collections running.

If you’re a graphic design expert who doesn’t want to see his or her work stall, then this is the best free online photo editor for you.


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