UK 49's Teatime Results

49s Dream to Number Guide

49s Dream to Number Guide

Want to know what your Lucky Numbers are? Below is our Dream Guide to help you unravel the meaning of your dreams, discover the Lucky Numbers associated with them and use them to your advantage whether it’s on the Lotto, Fafi or Lucky Numbers.

Your dreams could help you get lucky in your draws this week. Did you remember the dream you had last night, what you saw and what happened in it? Follow the guide below to translate your dream into your Lucky Numbers.

UK49s Numbers in Dreams

From 1 to 49, here is the number your dream suggests:

Your lucky number is 1 when you see a king, human blood, a white man or a left eye

Your Lucky number is 2 when you see a Monkey in a jungle, anything that represents native, a spirit; a chief in his regalia,  copper, money or jockey

Your Lucky number is 3 when you see yourself in front of sea water or an accident on a major road. Also when you see a frog, sailor, sex

Your Lucky number is 4 if you see a dead man, turkey, small fortune or a bed

Your Lucky number is 5 when you see a tiger fighting a strong man

Your Lucky number is 6 when you see Oxblood, a  gentleman or milk

Your Lucky number is 7 if you see a lion; a thief, a big stick or chickens

Your Lucky number is 8 if you see a Pig, a Drunken man, a Loafer, a Fat man or a Chinese king.

Your Lucky Number is 9 whenever you see  the moon rising in the sky, a Baby crying, a Hole, an owl, the devil, Pumpkin or anything round.

Your. Lucky number is 10 if you see eggs, a train, a boat, a grave or anything oval.

Your Lucky Number is 11 when you see a a carriage with a wood, Trees, a piece of Furniture, a Bicycle or Flowers.

Your Lucky Number is 12 when you see the Ghost of a woman, Ducks, a Small fire or a Chinese Queen.

Your Lucky Number is 13 when you see a Big fish and Spirits.

Your Lucky Number is 14 when you see an Old woman, a Fox, a Detective, a Nurse or Native female.

Your Lucky Number is 15 if you see a Bad woman, a Prostitute, a Canary, a White horse or a Small knife.

Your Lucky Number is 16 is when you see yourself in a Small house, a Coffin, a Pigeon, Young woman, Paper money or a Letter.

Your Lucky number is 17 if you see a Diamond woman, a Queen, Pearls like Diamond, Stars or a White woman.

Your Lucky Number is 18 if you see a Silver money with a Servant girl, a Right eye, a Butterfly, a Hook or Rain.

Your Lucky Number is 19 when you see a Little girl, Smoke, Bread, a Big bird and a Left hand.

Your Lucky Number is 20 if you see a Cat, the Sky, a Handkerchief, a Body, a Minister, a Naked woman or hear music.

Your Lucky Number is 21 if you see a Old man, a Stranger, a Fisherman, an Elephant, a Knife, a Nose, or a Teeth.

Your Lucky Number is 22 if you see Rats, a Motor car, a Big ship, a Left foot or q pair of Shoes

Your Lucky Number is 23 when you see a Horse, a Doctor, a Head, Hair or a Crown.

Your Lucky Number is 24 when you see a Mouth, a Wild cat, a Vixen, a Lioness or a  Purse.

Your Lucky Number is 25 a Big house, a Church, a Boxer or a Hospital.

Your Lucky Number is 26 if you see Bees, a Bad man in a Bush, a General, a Funeral or a Mad man.

Your Lucky Number is 27 whenever you see a Dog with a Policeman, a Newborn baby, Medicine or hear a Sad news.

Your Lucky Number is 28 if you see Sardines, a Small fish, a Thief, a Right foot or a Surprise.

Your Lucky Number is 29 if you see a Small body of water, a Coffin, Rain, or Tears.

Your Lucky Number is 30 when you see a Fowl, a Graveyard, the Sun, Throat, an Indian or a Forest.

Your Lucky Number is 31 if you see a Big fire, a Bishop, a Big spirit, Feathers, a Fight or a Woman.

Your Lucky Number is 32 when you see Gold money, a Dirty woman, or a Snake

Your Lucky Number is 33 if you see a Little boy and a Spider

Your Lucky Number is 34 when you see Meat, Human dung or Anything dirty, a Cripple or a Tramp

Your Lucky Number is 35 if you see Clothes where a Sheep in Big hole or a Big grave

Your Lucky Number is 36 if you see  Shrimps, a Stick, an  Admiral, Cigars or  Gum

Your Lucky Number is 37 when you see an Arrow, a Lawyer, a Treasure, someone Cooking or a Stream

Your Lucky Number is 38 if you see a  Crocodile, Balloons, Sjhambok, Fireworks or a Stadium

Your Lucky Number is 39 when you see  Sangoma, a Soccer team, Tattoos, Bloodshed or a Teacher

Your Lucky Number is 40 if you see Birth, a  Clock, Snails, a Dwarf in a River or a Traditional healer.

Your Lucky Number is 41 if you see a  Cattle, Planets, a Cave, a Desert or a Monster

Your Lucky Number is 42 when you see Tornado, a Spear, an Umbrella, a Camel or a Door.

Your Lucky Number is 43 if you see an Army, Thunder, an  Astronaut, a Rabbit or a Turtle.

Your Lucky Number is 44 when you see a . Shark, a Stud farm, a Body builder, Injury or Mud.

Your Lucky Number is 45 when you see a Football, Computers, Jewellery, Wrestler or Storm.

Your Lucky Number is 46 if you see an  Ambulance, Beard, Sea and Scissors or a  Key.

Your Lucky number is 47 when you see a   Stallion, a Kite, a TV, a Lightening, a Carnival or a Hut.

Your Lucky Number is 48 if you see a   Clown, Rainbow, Nightmare, a Whale or Wealth.

Your Lucky Number is 49 if you see Shebeen, Circus, Chocolate, or a Space ship