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The National Lottery of the United Kingdom began in November 1994 to give players the chance to win prizes that will change their lives. After that, the UK Lotto has begun conducting certain changes along with the addition of a lottery on Wednesdays in February 1997. In October 2015, another 10 balls were added to the game, in addition to the Lotto Millionaire Raffle that awards 1 million pounds to the winner of each lotto draw. provides you with information about UK 49’s Teatime Results. We’d like to be keen on notifying our visitors and 49ers that, we do not in anyway are associated with the UK’s famous lotto organizers. But that must not stop you from your next chance of winning, we will also provide you free lotto generated numbers for 49’s Teatime results today generated with the complex algorithm so you can work on your guess and imagination. We Wish You Luck!

Our Company also publishes the Lottery Sambad results.

Some Interesting Facts And History

In 2002, changes were introduced within the Lottery game so as to spice up sales. The modification worked, and currently, the United Kingdom lotto weekday draw sells over thirty-one million tickets, whereas Wednesday’s raffle sells concerning eighteen million tickets. Following Tesco one of the most important price ticket distributors in the United Kingdom, sales redoubled by virtual decennary once the changes took places

On weekday Gregorian calendar month five 2013, different attention-grabbing changes were created within the British Lotto. So as to extend the capital allotted to prizes, the operator Camelot has restructured the prize fund together with a special raffle referred to as Lotto Raffle. For every bet or column of your price ticket, you mechanically get a nonchalantly generated range for the Lotto Raffle draw.

The first draw of the National Lottery of the UK came about on Gregorian calendar month nineteen, 1994. The lottery franchise was awarded to Camelot. For every lottery price ticket sale, 28% goes to “good causes”. All the money raised goes to the massive Lottery Fund, that supports charities and different comes, so as to assist native communities throughout the UK. The UK Lottery has become a mainstream television event on Saturdays: the BBC reports that the average weekly audience for Saturday’s draw is 8.8 million. Today, UK Lotto has become Britain’s most successful millionaire maker.

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