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Overview of Sport in Mozambique

In Mozambique, sport is more than a symbol. The country hosts many Football World Cup qualifying matches and the greatest athletes, such as Lurdes Mutola, specialized in running, continue to be admired throughout the country years after their retirement. The fact is that sport is a major component of the country’s dynamism.

The most popular sports

While outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing, surfing and golfing are popular, the national sport is definitely soccer: you can watch matches in every single village of the country. During the weekends, local teams meet on open fields and tournaments are held regularly in the major cities.

In Mozambique, team sports such as soccer, rugby, cricket and netball are also part of the most popular disciplines. These sports have a large number of licence holders but are also very popular with those who do not play: major competitions (national and international) are watched by thousands of people. In terms of infrastructure, the country has numerous stadiums, including the 42,000 seats Estádio do Zimpeto in Maputo.

The preference for these sports in Mozambique is also illustrated by the popularity of sports betting. It is one the most developed and sophisticated market in Africa and almost half of all adults regularly participate in sports betting on soccer, cricket and rugby. Click on betway download if you too want to experience sport more intensely!

Nowadays fitness is also an important market: if a few years ago Mozambicans would’nt have feel concerned about their fitness and appearance, gyms and joggers are now remarkably popular. In Maputo there is one gym every 5 miles and the popularity of fitness never stops growing.

Basketball, cycling, hockey… sports not be ignored !

In addition, many sports are emerging, including basketball, which is becoming increasingly popular, especially among black youth. Founded in 1978, the Mozambique Basketball Federation welcomes more members every year. Similarly, boxing, hockey and cycling are attracting more and more participants thanks to the success of their teams on the international scene and the organisation of major events within the country. Thank to the South African World Champion downhill rider Greg Minaar, downhill is getting popular all over the African continent, especially in Mozambique, where there is a huge number of trails.

Mozambique is really commited in sport and active in international sports bodies. The country is a member of the African Union Sport Council and the International Convention against Doping. In addition, since 1980, Mozambique hosts major sporting events such as the African Badminton Championship that same year, the All Africa Games in 2011 and the African Women’s Basketball Championship in 2013.

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