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7 Best Small Pets for Cuddling

If you wish to have an animal companion but aren’t sure if you have a pet-friendly home, there are smaller pets that may be ideal for you. Perhaps, you love to cuddle with a furry creature but aren’t really fond of dogs or cats due to their much bigger size. Well, there are a variety of small pets that will definitely satisfy your need.

Remember, though, regardless of the size of the animal you’re keeping as a pet, you still need to play your role as its carer and owner. This means feeding the animal appropriately and grooming it if necessary. This article touches on the best small pets for cuddling, so look through to see if any of the animals listed below suite you. You can also check out this amazing article about low maintenance pets that like to cuddle.

Without further ado, here are the 7 best pets for cuddling:

  1. Hamster


A Hamster is the ultimate cuddling pet. Its cute look combined with its smooth furry body makes it the perfect companion to have at home. The small creature is also contented with pacing in an enclosed space so a wired cage should do as a home for the animal.

Being a nocturnal animal, a hamster is an ideal companion to hang out with when you return from work. It is also a good pet for kids since they will be in school during most of the animal’s inactive hours.

Caring for a hamster is quite easy and requires very little effort from your part. You just have to ensure that you feed it always and clean its cage from time to time. The little creature is also able to amuse itself with a tube, a wheel, and other kinds of hamster toys, so you don’t have to worry about it suffering from boredom.

  1. Guinea Pig


This creature is basically the chubbier cousin of the hamster. Though the similarities in both animals’ physical appearances are quite apparent, there are distinct attributes that differentiate the guinea pig from its equally cute relative.

Firstly, the guinea pig doesn’t like spending its day in an enclosed cage, unlike a hamster. It is a restless animal that prefers to roam about its habitat. This means it may not be an ideal option for you if you live an apartment. If you, however, live in a house with a lush green backyard, then this animal is an ideal fit.

Also, the guinea pig tends to function better if it has a companion from its own species. It means if you want to make this work, you will have to purchase at least two of the cute animals. Guess that means more cuddling for you.

  1. Rabbit

If you’re having doubts about having a rabbit as a pet then you’ve probably watched the popular cartoon with the mischievous bunny. Put your mind at ease, rabbits are not like that hilarious character so you’re, indeed, safe from head-spinning pranks and face blowing shenanigans.

Rabbits are cute creatures that definitely make fun pets. They do need special care, though, compared to other small pets. It is, however, worth it as they can be amazing companions.

As long as you live in a home with a roomy backyard and lots of greens, then the animal should adapt quickly to the habitat.

  1. Chinchillas


A common trait cuddling animals have in common is that they are always happy. You won’t find a happier animal for a pet than a chinchilla though. A mere look at the harmless disposition of this beautiful animal will warm your heart.

The creature combines the demeanor of a cute puppy and a hamster to create a super adorable look that can overpower even the strongest of heart.

While chinchillas can be ideal pets for adults, that may not be the case for kids. Firstly, the lifespan for this creature often ranges from 10-15 years, which is a long time for a kid to change his or her mind about a pet. The pet also functions mostly at night so it may not be ideal for a kid that has to go to bed early every day.

  1. Gerbils

This cute animal basically looks like a blend between a hamster and a mouse. It is definitely one of the best small pets for cuddling. This curious beast loves to explore, so leaving it in a cage may not be good for its well-being.

They are mildly behaved animals and among the most amazing pets for kids. You should, however, be careful not to grab it by its delicate tail so that it doesn’t get injured.

  1. Ferret


If you want to exit your comfort zone and acquire a small pet that is a bit exotic, then the ferret is the best bet for you. It is an energetic animal that loves to play a lot. It is also very cuddly so you’re at least guaranteed a companion.

You do have to be careful in letting the creature run freely in your home as it can be quite destructive if it isn’t properly supervised. This, however, doesn’t mean you should leave it in its cage for an extended period; that isn’t ideal either.

Finally, the animal has a strong musky smell so you have to endeavor to groom it consistently.

  1. Mouse

If you can’t afford any of the above-listed pets, then why not settle for that cute little creature that torments your home and secretly consumes your food items. It is better to purchase your mouse pet, though, as you don’t want an animal that is infested with diseases.

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