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7 Low Maintenance Pets that Like to Cuddle

Taking care of a pet isn’t an easy task; it requires dedication as well as financial input. Don’t forget that you won’t just be providing shelter for the pet, you’ll also purchase food and provide health care. With this in mind, you must consider your financial strength before delving into the world of pet ownership.

Thankfully, there are some pets that are low maintenance and require very little effort on your part to carter to their well-being. Some of these pets also like to cuddle, which means you’ll always have a companion to snuggle in bed or on the couch when you’re alone.

So if your budget is tight and you love to cuddle but are unable to abduct a poor drifter to satisfy your needs, here are 7 low maintenance pets that like to cuddle:

  1. Rabbits

Rabbits are definitely one of the cutest animals around and are also among the few domesticated creatures that are good low maintenance pets. Despite being a low maintenance animal, rabbits still require utmost care. There are modifications you will have to make to your house or apartment if you’re going to be adopting a rabbit.

Firstly, you can’t just place a rabbit in an enclosed hutch and abandon it there like most other pets. Apart from a comfortable sleeping space that is enclosed, a rabbit also needs an open space to run around safely.

Secondly, if you’re purchasing a rabbit as a pet, you may as well just purchase two as rabbits are known to thrive more when they have companions.

So if it is wabbit season in your town or you find a rabbit in an animal shelter, why not take it home; after all, they are amazing pets that love to cuddle.

  1. Chinchillas


This cute creature combines the cuteness of a hamster, a kitten, and a puppy into one amazing super cuteness power. Not only are Chinchillas adorable, but they are also quite intelligent and even have impressive intuition.

Their permanently happy disposition makes them one of the best pets to cuddle with. Apart from that, they are also low maintenance pets that require very little attention. Just set them up with a caged home and a regular supply of food and water.

  1. Hamsters

Of course, this list will not be accurate if it doesn’t contain the poster child for pet cuteness: hamsters. There is a reason why hamsters are the first pets given to kids before they move on to much flurry creatures. It is mostly because hamsters are the safest, and least demanding pets to care for. Not to mention the cute faces they make when staring at something or someone.

Hamsters are also among the best options for adults looking for low maintenance pets that like to cuddle. All you need to accommodate a hamster is a cage, food, and of course, water.

  1. Pythons

Pythons love to cuddle with everything so they make very good cuddling buddies. In fact, they often cuddle with their meals before strangling them to death and devouring them. So if that’s something you’ll like, you can get yourself big a** python.

What is also cool about this slippery pet is that you don’t have to cook its meals. Just drop one unlucky mouse into its glass cage and that will do it for at least a week.

You can also sleep with your python cuddled with you; you may, however, wake up feeling squeezed and strangely warm, if you actually wake up at all.

  1. Guinea Pigs


Though this pet is often synonymous with mad scientific experiments, it can actually be an amazing house pet. While it is often placed in the same category as a hamster, it actually has unique qualities that differentiate it from its cute relative.

For instance, guinea pigs show greater levels of activities than hamsters, and they actually prefer open spaces, unlike hamsters that are comfortable dwelling in enclosed spaces.

You may also have to purchase more than one guinea pig since they kind of like hanging out with one another.

  1. Chihuahuas

If you’re a dog person and don’t want to settle for any other low maintenance pet, then one of the best options for you in the canine family is a Chihuahua. Not only are they friendly, but they can also be easily trained and are incredibly easy to groom.

Another perk of adopting this dog is that they are known to be one of the safest dogs to put around kids. So at least you’ll have peace of mind regarding the safety of your children.

  1. Dachshund

This is another dog breed that is relatively a low maintenance pet. Due to its stout size, you can pick it up at will and cuddle with it as much as you want. Don’t just make it look too weird. It is also quite friendly and is a good pet for a household with kids. Dachshunds are quite capable of living the miserable bachelor lifestyle and will often spend their days lazing around in bed, so you do not have to worry about leaving them alone.

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