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5 Hunting Dogs that Don’t Shed

Hunting dogs are pretty cool canines that can be used to hunt a vast range of games. They are often employed as trackers that use scents and foot-marks to track potential prey. Some hunting dogs, however, participate actively in the hunting itself. They chase after animals and put them down with their ferocious teeth.

Though there are different types of hunting dogs, most hunters prefer short-haired hunting dogs that don’t shed. They are much easier to cater for since they don’t require any sort of grooming. Health-wise, these breeds are also much safer as their fur coats are less likely to harbor bugs and germs that may cause illness.

So if you’re interested in getting a hunting dog that won’t be a burden to you, here are 5 hunting dogs that don’t shed:

  1. Whippet


This dog breed is more renowned as a race dog. It has the fastest accelerating speed for a canine in the whole world. This is perhaps the attribute that also makes it an awesome hunting dog.

Ironically, the Whippet was in the past seen as an unsuitable hunting dog due to its frail size and timid look. A lot of Whippets were maimed back then, which led to a ban being placed on their use for hunting.

Now, though, hunters make use of their speed when hunting wild games by allowing them to chase and corner wild preys before the hunters get there. Whippets must be properly trained, though, before they are used as hunting dogs otherwise they may get seriously wounded.

  1. Coonhound


This hunting dog belongs to a category of hounds that is renowned for its strong sense of smell. This is why it is referred to as a Scent Hound. Its short-haired fur makes it one of the few hunting dogs that don’t shed. These two crucial traits are what make it the most popular hunting dog around.

Another amazing attribute that makes the Coonhound an amazing hunter is its ability to navigate difficult terrains and maneuver through a vast range of natural structures. This makes it an ideal breed for hunting animals like racoons and opossums that are able to climb trees.

Of course, the biggest perk of having this canine is its short fur that requires no grooming and doesn’t shed.

  1. German Short-Haired Pointer


If you want a dog breed that is intelligent enough to show you the actual location of fleeing game, then this is one breed that you should definitely consider. The German Short-Haired Pointer belongs to a group of dogs that can be trained to point at games, allowing a hunter to accurately make the kill.

It is basically used as a tactical hunting dog and doesn’t directly gets involved in the hunting process. With its assistance, though, a hunter can pinpoint the location of a game and corner it; thus, reducing the chances of a failed hunt.

Though most German Short-Haired Pointers are brown in color there are some variants with white fur and several tiny brown spots scatted around its body. It also doesn’t shed and requires no grooming.

  1. Feist


The Feist is the best hunting dog for you if you’re solely focused on hunting smaller games like squirrels, racoons, and hares. Despite its small-medium size, the Feist is quite a brave animal that will bark loudly at the sight of any game and chase it till it’s cornered, before alerting the hunter.

It is able to hunt alone or in a pack and is quite capable of producing incredible hunting results. Its short-haired fur helps to maintain its compact figure, while also exempting the hunter from grooming duties.

  1. Cur


The Cur isn’t only one of the best hunting dogs that don’t shed it is also among the bravest. It is commonly used by hunters who go after larger games like racoons, boars, cougars etc. This brave canine will even stand toe-to-toe with a bear without whimpering in fear.

The Cur Dog is definitely a trustworthy hunting dog that can always be counted on. It is able to peruse every corner in the woods in search of game, which makes it difficult for tree-living animals to evade capture.

Apart from its competence as a hunting dog, it is also a low maintenance canine that requires very little care and no grooming.

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