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9 Small Guard Dog Breeds That are Suitable for Homes and Apartments

Guard dogs come in all shapes and sizes. It is more common, though, for large aggressive dog breeds to be used for guarding homes as they are more built and equipped for the purpose.

Still, there are a few circumstances where small guard dogs are much better and suitable. For instance, if you reside in an apartment, it is better to get a smaller dog. If you, however, want a small dog that will help protect your home and property, then there are only a few breeds you can choose from.

Here are 9 suitable small guard dog breeds that are quite competent watchdogs for homes and apartments:

  1. Beagle


This is an adorable dog breed that is quite capable of turning up its aggressive meter. It is also a competent hunting dog with a strong sense of smell. It is an affectionate canine that exhibits a playful side from time to time.

It can be quite difficult to train a beagle to be an effective guard dog, but if properly done, you’ll get a canine that will be both loyal and defensive against intruders.

Don’t be fooled by the beagle’s cute look, it does know how to be aggressive especially when it encounters strangers, so you can be certain that the dog will protect your apartment and properties.

  1. Bull Terrier

If you want a small dog breed that is as tough as any large guard dog you can think of, then the Bull Terrier should definitely be your first pick. Despite its diminutive size, it has an intimidating appearance that will definitely make an intruder uneasy.

It is also a quite aggressive dog and one of the best guard dogs for apartment life. Originally bred for sporting reasons, the Bull Terrier has earned a reputation as a small terrorizing canine that won’t back out of a fight.

It is a great rat exterminator; so if your apartment is laden with the hairy vermin, you can trust this dog to get rid of them.

  1. Boston Terrier


This miniature bulldog is an adorable-looking canine that can also be an effective watchdog. It is naturally territorial, which makes it an ideal protective breed. Its stout build and muscular body also give it an edge, ensuring that is able to boldly stand up to intruders.

Another attribute of the small canine that makes it a good guard dog is its surprisingly loud bark. This can disrupt a burglary attempt by scaring away the intruder or alerting the neighbors.

  1. Chow Chow


Despite its small size, the Chow Chow is a stout dog with an appearance that resembles the popular wild African cat, the lion. And you wonder why it is one of the best small guard dogs you can get. Some variants of this canine can weigh as much as 70lbs, so this isn’t a dog that can be easily pushed over.

The Chow Chow is an assertive breed that will stand its ground at the sight of an intruder and bark loudly to scare him or her away. Though it shares some physical similarities with the big cat, it is more genetically linked to a wolf. It is also suitable for an apartment.

  1. Dachshund

This small adorable breed is originally used for hunting small game. It is a master hunter that will sniff out prey hiding in obscure places. Added to its hunting skills is the bravery to stand toe to toe with an intruder.

The Dachshund is quite comfortable in any kind of residence, be it a suburban house or a city apartment. It is also one of the many dog breeds that bond with one person, so if you stay alone, it is an ideal choice for you.

  1. Manchester Terrier


If you want a scarier looking small dog that will be as aggressive as even the best watchdogs for families, then the Manchester Terrier is definitely the breed for you.

It is very active and energetic and also quick to confront strangers or people it doesn’t know. It is also a good hunter that will take down all kinds of vermin. It is definitely one of the best options you can consider among the variety of small guard dogs.

  1. Shiba Inu


If you want a small guard dog with an exotic look that is quite peculiar, the Shiba Inu is just the canine for you. It is very bold for its diminutive size and also a good hunter.

It is also quite agile and can get pretty aggressive if it encounters a stranger in its home. This makes it one of the best dogs for house sitting.

  1. Miniature Pinscher


This is basically a smaller version of one of the fiercest dog breeds, the Doberman. It is a very alert dog breed that will jump into a confrontation with an intruder. It is also very energetic and can bark for long hours, alerting neighbors if your home is being broken into.

Apart from this attribute, the Miniature Pinscher is one good hunter that will chase and kill smaller prey. If properly trained, it can be a very effective watchdog for a home or an apartment.

  1. Shih Tzu

Want an adorable-looking canine that is cuddly but can also be aggressive? Well, then this breed should definitely be your first pick. Nicknamed the little lion, the Shih Tzu is able to form a close bond with its owner. It is also surprisingly territorial, which makes it one of the best small guard dog breeds.

It does need to be properly trained, though, so that it can be tolerant of family members and children in particular. It is also one of the best pet options for an apartment.

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