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7 Pet Snakes that Stay Small

One of the major cons of keeping a pet snake is that it has the capacity to grow to a massive size and length. This can make it intimidating and quite difficult to care for. If you or your kid are into snakes but are wary of getting a snake that will become a burden or a murder suspect, you can always go for pet snakes that stay small.

There are some species of snakes that remain small or never grow to reach a certain length. Some of these species are quite harmless and will make ideal pets. Remember, though, length and size have nothing to do with how dangerous a snake is. The major determinant of a snake’s ferocity is its venom.

With that sorted out, here are 7 of the best pet snakes that stay small and make amazing pets:

  1. Milk Snake


No, this snake doesn’t feed on milk. It is brightly colored and also non-venomous. It does have a striking resemblance with another snake, the coral snake, which is much more venomous. So endeavor to confirm that the snake you’re getting is indeed the milk snake before taking it home.

The milk snake only grows to a length of about 36 inches, which is quite small when compared to most other snakes. Its size is also not intimidating so it should be a suitable pet to give your kid.

It is one of the few snakes that don’t mind being handled, though, it may become squirmy at first. You should also be ready to commit at least 15 years to the animal as its lifespan lingers around that figure.

  1. Corn Snake

Corn snakes are basically the poster child for non-venomous pet snakes with many snake farms now breeding them for the sole purpose of selling them as pets. With selective breeding techniques, you can get a corn snake of any color you want; though, its natural color still remains orange with partial stains of black and white.

If you’re looking for a snake that is guaranteed not to go Godzilla on you, then this is your best bet. The corn snake stretches to a length of about 3-4 feet, which is pretty tame for a serpent. It can also be handled easily without any trouble so your kid will definitely have fun playing with it.

And no, the corn snake doesn’t eat corn; instead, it consumes thawed or frozen rodent. If you don’t have the culinary skills to prepare such a meal or if you’re grossed by it, then you can always visit a pet shop near you to buy your pet snake’s food.

  1. Gopher Snake

This is one of the least popular pet snakes. It, however, still remains a viable option since it doesn’t grow excessively. On an average, it grows between 2-3 feet when it is being held in captivity.

It is brightly colored and quite alluring, making it an amazing pet for kids to play with. It can be slippery when handled so you must hold it with care.

  1. African Ball Python


Don’t panic…yet; this isn’t one of the python species you see on animal planet that are freaking humongous. This is a much smaller variant of the popular snake.

The African ball python only grows to about 3-5 feet, which is considerably small. It does have a stocky build though so carrying it can get a bit laborious. It is a non-venomous snake that doesn’t get violent at all so should be safe to handle.

It is also an awesome pet for kids as this python species just isn’t big enough to pose a problem. Don’t push your luck with infants and babies though.

  1. Western Hognose Snake

This non-venomous snake is pretty renowned for its small size as well as its hilarious facial features. It grows to a length of 1-3 feet and never exceeds 4 feet. It is mostly friendly and does accept being handled. Its natural instinct, though, is to wiggle free from your grasp so don’t panic if it does this. Once it has adapted to its new home, its response to handling will be less defensive.

The western hognose snake feeds on thawed and frozen rodents like most pet snakes. It will also eat raw chicken if given. Thanks to selective breeding it is possible to get a western hognose snake with skin pattern that satisfies your aesthetic taste. The reptile also has a lifespan of 8-10 years.

  1. African Egg-Eating Snake

This is one of the least common pet snakes you can get as it is commonly found in Africa. It is an amazing tree climber, a skill that it uses in ransacking bird nests for unguarded eggs to steal.

If you intend on keeping this pet, you’ll have to find a nearby place where such eggs can be purchased. This snake grows to a length of 2-3 feet and has no teeth, making it quite easy to handle.

  1. Children’s Python

This is another mini python that should fit your need if you’re in search of pet snakes that stay small. The name of this snake may wrongly suggest that it is an ideal snake of kids. It is actually named after a person, John George Children; bummer, right?  Still, it is a snake that barely grows to a length of 3-4 feet.

It is also very safe to handle as it never gets aggressive. Like most pet snakes, it has been conditioned to feed on thawed or frozen rodent.


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