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7 Best Pets for Kids Under 10

Buying a pet for a kid who is under 10 can be a herculean task. Not only do you want a pet that will be an awesome companion for the child, you also want one that will be safe to play with. Kids that age can easily get hurt so you must be careful when choosing a pet.

If you don’t care about your child’s safety and just want a cool pet for your kid, well…then check out some of the top 10 coolest pets. If you’re a parent that prioritizes safety, though, then this list of 7 best pets for kids under 10 should do.

None of the pets in this list will attempt to bite, eat or strangle your kid; in fact, it is more likely your kid will be the one doing the strangling.

Here are the best pets for kids under 10:

  1. Fish

Yep, there is no safer pet for your kid than an animal that lives in a bowl of water and dies if it gets out of the water; unless, of course, you buy your kid a shark. Please don’t!

A fish is definitely the best pet you can get for a child that is below 10 years. It is not only safe for your kid, the gill-breathing creature is also quite easy to care for. All you have to do is feed the animal and also clean its bowl from time to time. The latter is quite important as a build-up of feces and dirt in the fish’s mini-habitat can jeopardize its health and lead to its death.

If you also don’t want a pet roaming about in your home, this is certainly the best option for you, unless you live in Bikini Bottom.

  1. Snail


If you don’t want a pet that dies if it sets foot on land, then why not go for one that is so slow it will be outpaced by even your grandma. Snails are quite harmless animals that can be good pets for kids. Despite being slow, they still have destructive tendencies as they will eat anything containing calcium, even wall paint. So you should endeavor to keep your kid’s pet snail in a well-aerated cage that is roomy.

It is quite easy to care for a snail as its diet is diverse i.e., it will eat almost anything. It does require lots of calcium in its diet, though, in order to make its shell stronger. Snails are also inactive when their surroundings are dry so ensure that your kid’s pet snail has lots of water to consume.

  1. Small Bird


Another pet you can consider for your kid who is under 10 is a bird. You should wary of the bird you get for your kid as not all bird species are ideal for children. You don’t want to make the mistake of bringing home a falcon, or maybe you do, just so your kid gets bitten and ends up being an Avenger.

On a serious note, though, there are only a few bird species that are ideal for a kid under 10. They include a cockatiel, a parakeet, a finch, and a canary.

You must endeavor to care for your kid’s pet bird. A steady supply of food and water is necessary so too is subjecting its cage to consistent sanitation.

  1. Hamster

If you want a pet that is cute, completely friendly, and cheap to care for then a hamster is definitely one of the best options for you. It is one of the most popular low maintenance pets that like to cuddle.

Hamsters are renowned for being one of the first pets purchased for kids. This is because the animal is basically harmless and can be held safely in one’s hands. Since kids under 10 like to grab their pets, a hamster is the ideal mammal pet for them.

You do have to ensure that its cage is both convenient and roomy so that it has enough walking space. Regular cleaning of the animal’s cage is also essential to its well-being.

  1. Mouse

Aside from being annoying pests that raid your home, mice can also be awesome pets for small kids. If your home isn’t infested with the little creatures, acquiring one as a pet for your kid may not be a bad idea at all.

You do want to ensure that the animal has a proper cage and doesn’t invite its buddies into your home. Also, keeping it clean is very important so that it doesn’t pass any disease across to your kid.

  1. Rabbit

Rabbits are definitely among the best pets for kids under 10. They are adorable, fun to play with, and more importantly, harmless. Taking care of a rabbit can be a tall order if you aren’t used to doing it. You must, hence, set aside some time every week for grooming and cleaning the animal.

  1. Gerbil


If you want a more exotic pet for your kid that will make him or her stand out, then a gerbil is the perfect pet to accomplish this. This animal, which looks like a crossbreed between a mouse and a hamster, is a one of the cutest creatures you will ever see.

It is also harmless so you don’t have to worry about your kid getting hurt. You do have to properly care of the animal especially with regards to its diet. A decent cage must also be built if you don’t want it disorganizing your home.

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