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Free Love Spells that Work in Minutes without Ingredients

A lot of people believe that to perform a spell, you need a lot of tools. But let me surprise you that the only major tool needed in performing a spell is your mind.


It is said, that whatever the mind can conceive can be achieved. This explains the magical power of the mind. To perform an effective spell, just have good and clear intentions. Let your mind be free from any form of harmful intention.

This article is thereby composed to guide you on performing love spells that work in minutes without ingredients. It also contains magical power to maximize the effect of the spells.


He, who fails to plan, plans to fail. This adage also holds for this spells. These spells require proper planning and timing,  just like other endeavors of man. Just sit back, and enjoy the ride, as we journey round the world of ‘Love spells without ingredients’.



In performing love spells without ingredients, proper timing is essential. So, properly scheduling an appropriate time will give you the best result.

Mars and Venus are believed to be the governors of love. Therefore, it is advisable that love spell should be carried out during days governed by these governors — Tuesday, controlled by Mars; and Friday, controlled by Venus.


You should also be mindful of planets that govern each hour of the day. You can adopt mobile apps to do this. The moon phase is another factor that influences the effectiveness of the spells. It is therefore advisable you perform the spell during a waxing moon.



After you have decided on what time to perform your spell, another necessary factor to be put into consideration is a suitable location. Don’t perform your ritual in an environment where there is distraction. Instead, find a place where there is no noise, and you can pay full attention to the task.


While choosing your location, also consider a place with a high level of romantic energy. If you have noticed where lovers always gather, that will be a good place to use.

If you have no place in mind at this point, try taking a walk round the town. Go to beaches and movies. Make sure you choose the right place with romantic energy.


The law of attraction is one of the few laws guiding the universe. The law simply put that, whatever you sow is what you reap. In other words, whatever you nurture in your mind will eventually materialize.


The law of attraction also contributes largely to making your love spell work effectively.



You need to adequately prepare, both mentally and physically before you go on casting the spell.


  • Get started by cleaning your place. Get everything intact.
  • Take a cleansing bath. Visualize yourself washing every negative thought away.
  • Choose suitable attire for the ritual. The spell can be performed unclad. But if you want to get clad, choose attire with corresponding colors with the intention of your ritual.
  • In one minute, try to meditate and account for every thought that comes to your mind.



This spell is based only on visualization and chanting. To perform this, you will need a quiet place lacking any form of distraction.

  • With your eyes closed, put your two hands on your chest. Visualize how your energy concentrates in the heart area of your chest.
  • After you have gathered the energy, form a small energy ball under your hands. The ball contains a pink twisting thread that twists inside it. Pull it out of your chest and hold it before you.
  • Change the energy ball with your desire. And at this point, start chanting simple words that carry the purpose of your spell. Chant words like ‘love me, be mine, come for me, and seek for me’. Repeat this simple words until you observe that your sphere starts to vibrate and your hands tingle.
  • After your sphere is charged, start moving your hands to spin the energy sphere. Increase the speed until the ball gains enough momentum to spine itself.


At this moment, you will want to remove the energy accumulation from your body. By now, the sphere should float in your hands.


The energy is now ripe to go out and work for you. Visualize it as it goes out meeting the one you want to charm with the spell. Imagine the both of you coming together to form a happy couple.




This spell is a simplified version of a traditional love spell. To perform this, you need a period of silence and strong imagination. Wherever you consider performing this spell, the attention of passerby will not be called.


Visualize yourself and your partner stand in a void facing each other with a short distance between you, and your lover coming slowly towards you. With each step he/she takes, your energy field pulls him/her closer to you, just like two magnets will attract each other.


When your lover seems close enough to you, start forming colorful string from your feelings, using friendship emotion, for a pink string. Then form a red string using love and lust. Now, with spiritual connection, form a purple string. And with protection instinct, form a white string. With this just formed string, elongate them as long as possible, and use them to bind your lover with you.


Wrap yourselves with this string until you form a cocoon. And after the visualization part of the spell, maintain your eyes closed and chant the following words three times, “I bind you to me, to love, to commitment”.

You should say these words in your heads if you choose to do this in a public place.



To perform this spell, you have to charm an imaginary red apple. Apple is used because it is a fruit sacred to the goddess of love, passion, and beauty.

See yourself holding a big red apple and chant these words three times, “whoever bites from you will long for and fall in love with me”.


A dim red light starts to shine like an halo around the apple as you blow over it.


Call your lover’s name, and he is seen in a groom’s suit. Invite him to sit next beside you and feed him the charmed apple. With each bite he takes from the fruit, he will develop stronger feelings for you.


By the time your lover finishes this apple, the spell will start working.

Detach yourself from any social interaction and go to bed as early as possible.


This ritual tends to get you stressed out, but the night sleep will heal this.


Love spells are more effective when there is an already existing bond. It is not advisable to use love spell against someone’s will. Do not break someone’s relationship with love spell for your selfish interest. Whatever you do to others will be done to you as well.

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