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Side Effects of Love Spells

Many love spells are cast with positive intentions, and most times, it is very hard not to allow your love once they are acting on their free will. This would really have a negative impact on them. Hence, karma may be a resultant effect and the consequences would be suffered by the one you love.

It is very dangerous to do it without having the full knowledge of what you are doing. The dangers might be very serious. We’ll be talking about some of the signs and negative effects encountered in the spell if done wrongly. It is difficult to get the trust back from your partner but you call always use a spell to help you out in speeding the whole process of trying to make her trust you again.

Serious Headache after Love Spell

A serious or slight headache may come up after casting a love spell. It may be as a result of the energy the spell takes. Spells are powerful in case don’t understand the consequence of a spell. And that the spell had gotten hold of the target person shows clearly that the target person is receiving new energy from a different source.

This would overwhelm the body and the disruption of the normal energy balance of the body, thus resulting in a headache. In some cases, the headache might result to migraine.

Feeling Sick after Casting the Spell

Sickness after casting a spell is the usual problem. This is something caused by the interaction between the negative and the positive energy levels in the body. Energy balance is important for the body to function properly.

Once this is happening, your body would react abnormally. This is the common effect of a spell. This sickness can be in different forms and it could be very serious.

Anxiety and Depression after Casting a Spell

Another common effect of casting a spell can be feeling of anxiety and depression. This could be a headache or sickness and can be connected to the use of energy to make a spell to work properly.

More so, anxiety can also be connected to the lack of knowledge of the consequences of a spell. For instance, it can be easy to justify on the possibilities that a love spell may not work on the target person. When the negative energy is stronger than the positive energy, it can result in a high level of anxiety.

The imbalances of this energy really can destabilize the system; the target person would no longer get himself well until this energy stabilises.

What would happen when you cast a love spell and changed your mind afterwards?

Most love spells are casted for the wrong reasons and sometimes the person who has casted the spells may realize their mistakes. Instead of having the fear and panic that nothing could be done, there are many ways to undo a love spell.

The most effective and common way is to create a beacon of energy aiming at your partner, which will draw the spell back from the target person. It is advisable to leave the Beacon for 7 days to make sure that the energy you sent out returns to you.

All these steps must be done with good intentions and you would be on the right track in returning the energy back.

Use a love spell in good faith. The Universe has given us the opportunity to get everything we want. As such, we should use it in good ways and for good reasons. Know that whatever we put into the world would surely come back right at us. So, all these do not call for the opportunity being misused.

Side Effects of Love Binding Spells

Love binding spells have a lot of Negative side effects on the target person, which can be both physically and mentally. It’s the mental side effect that brings about the damage. This damage can be an aggression or anger, caused by nothing too serious, a feeling of depression and anxiety and a loss of appetite.

These are signs that a binding spell may have a Negative effect on the target person.

What Happens When a Love spell Backfires?

Whether a love spell is performed with the best intentions or not, there are cases where a spell can still backfire. The repercussions of this can range from minor to serious effects depending on the person’s situations.

A love spell can backfire if the intention of the doer is not pure. We mentioned the dangers of binding free will for your own personal gains and this is mostly the bone of contention for the reaction. When a love spell backfires, your love partner may reject you, hate you or behave badly towards you. And if they discover you have used a love spell on them, this might lead to divorce or break up.

What to do when a Love Spell “Backfires”?

If a love spell backfires, there is no need to worry too much or panic, there are ways to ensure that it is restored without causing too much harm. One of the ways is to unbind your emotions from your partner by using a burning ritual.

Use anything from them that has their DNA on it. It could be the hair or body fluid. Create a spell about something to your personal connection with that person and burn down the item with their DNA, while making or chanting the spell. This would free the ties from the person once and for all and will hopefully act as a spiritual cleansing for the both parties.

Another solution, but a longer process, if a love spell backfires, is to carefully adapt your spell by altering it bit by bit.  This is also an effective way. The most important thing is to take your original spell and add or take away a piece of element each time you perform it. With time it would alter its effect. The energy sent with your original spell will return to you without causing any problem.

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