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love spell with a picture

How to Cast Free Love Spells That Work Quickly with a Picture

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we are so deeply in love with someone. At this stage, all your thoughts are on that special someone and it feels so thrilling. Love is sweet when it’s being reciprocated, and it hurts a lot if the other person does not feel the same way as you do.

Sometimes, in a bid to get someone you love to love you back, you resort to casting a spell on him or her. Casting a spell on someone is not definitely an evil thing to do, it all boils down to your intents and the kind of love spell you want to use on the person.

If you are reading this article, you’ve probably been in love with someone you couldn’t get to love you back at some point in your life, it could even be the present situation in your life. You are at the right place for your needs to be met.

You’d learn how to easily cast free love spells with a picture. Although there are different types of love spells, using a picture works so fast as it creates a type of link with the person you want to cast the spell on.

free love spell with a picture

Casting the free love spell with a picture

There are several magic love spells that use pictures nowadays. The voodoo rituals have been known as one of the leading love spells in the universe.

The philosophy of love spells is that those who use it must have total faith and trust in it and that it will work for them.

Love spells have to be done repetitively within a period of time. Most times. People who cast love spells are instructed not to share the one they use with anyone.

Here are the ingredients required to cast the love spell that needs a picture.

  • Picture of the person you want to cast a spell on
  • Candle

The procedure for casting this spell is quite easy and precise

  1. Firstly, pick up the picture of the person you want to cast a spell on and light a red candle. You might be wondering why it must be a red candle. The red candle has been said to be the perfect fit for love matters, tying and the rest.
  2. The next thing is to light up the candle, take your seat and relax.
  3. You must have a belief in your heart that the spell will produce the desired result. With this belief, stare at the picture with your whole heart and chant the following; “I am in love with this one, let him come looking for me with a heart of love. May the love come out of the spirit into him or her and cause him or her to want me as much as I feel the same.
  4. Chant those words three times with a strong belief that it will work out.
  5. The best time for you to perform this love spell is at night a few minutes before you go to bed.
  6. Tuesday is the ideal day for this love spell as it is believed to be the day when Mars has its highest power.
  7. Lastly, leave the candle to burn totally, keep the picture you used in an undisclosed place where it won’t be seen by anyone.

 Voodoo love with the use of pictures

Another love spell you can cast with the use of pictures is the voodoo love spell. It is a well-known love spell throughout the world. It uses a voodoo doll to cast a magic spell that works.

For you to perform a voodoo spell, you must have the person’s personal belonging. You can easily use this love spell to charm someone you desire to fall in love with you. To do this, you will need some materials such as a handmade voodoo doll, a picture of the person you want to enchant, and his or her personal belongings.

Your state of mind when carrying out this process is the determinant of the outcome. You should also take note that the picture of your crush you intend to use must be the only one that appears in the picture; nobody else must appear with him or her. Ensure that the voodoo doll is handmade by you.

The steps to take are as follows:

  • Firstly, place all the required materials in front of you – voodoo doll, picture, and personal property which could be hair, cloth, etc.
  • Utter the following “I hereby call on the ghost on these materials placed in front of me, a powerful love spell and power, and transfer it to my crush’s mind”.
  • After chanting those words with all your heart, keep the items in a safe place where no one would see it. Also, do not disclose the cast you spelled.

Love spell to make your lover love you more

There is a sense of assurance that you feel when you know that your lover has eyes for only you and nobody else. It is interesting to know that you can cast a spell on your lover to make him or her love you more and more daily.

The materials needed to cast this love spell are:

1)         Your lover’s picture

2)         Three red candles and

3)         Three red roses

The vital ingredient needed for this love spell to work is your heart’s wish.


  • Night time just before you go to bed is the best time to cast this love spell. You have to say it repeatedly as the moon gets fuller and finally fullest. It is believed to work effectively at that time.
  • Arrange all the needed materials in a circle. Place a rose and one candle, a rose and another candle, then put the picture at the center of the circle.
  • After arranging in that order, chant these sayings thrice: Call your lover’s name, “I invoke a love that would tirelessly form a flood in your heart for me, come to me with submission as I truly love and want you.”
  • After wholeheartedly saying the chants thrice, allow the candle to burn totally by itself. Do this love spell for three different nights successively.

Do not use the same materials you used in the previous nights, the picture is the only material you should keep using for the whole period of casting the spell.

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