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Spells to punish someone

How to Cast Spells to Punish Someone for Free in Very Easy Steps

Do you wish to retaliate against someone who has hurt you but don’t want to get into trouble with the law? There are spells you can cast on the person that will hurt him or her and give you the satisfaction of revenge.

Before casting any of these spells on the person, you should ponder all options (including dialogue) that will lead to a more peaceful resolution. If you’re, however, certain that there is no other way to deal with the person that hurt you, here are some free spells you can give a try:

How to Cast Spells to Punish Someone

When it comes to casting spells of revenge, it is crucial that you’re honest about the circumstances surrounding the dispute. If the target of your spell turns out to be someone innocent, the spell can become ineffective or worse, backfire and cause you harm.

So make sure that the person you’re targeting with the spell is indeed guilty of the offense committed against you.

The most crucial component of revenge spells is the identity of the target. This is because these spells work by harnessing negative karma energy and basically dumping it on the unfortunate individual.

It is also important to note that you must set up a meeting with the target of the spell to make your grievance known to the individual. This helps to set the record straight and gives the person a chance to apologize for his or her wrong. If the person refuses to apologize or even acknowledge his or her wrongdoing then you’re free to go ahead with the spell.

Remember, though, there is no turning back when the spell has been cast, and the defaulting party will have to suffer the repercussions of the spell.

spells to punish someone

First Things First, Protect Yourself

If you plan on casting a spell to punish someone or for revenge, you should be ready to take a hit from the person as you don’t own the monopoly to casting spells. This is why you should always be fortified to ensure that spells that are cast against you are ineffective.

One way to go about protecting yourself from a possible reprise attack by your enemy is by obtaining good karma voodoo dolls. There are also a variety of defensive spells you can learn that are guaranteed to keep you safe from a spell attack.

So now that we’ve got all aspects of this covered here the first spell you can cast on someone to punish him or her for offending you:

Things you need to cast this spell:

A satanic bible

An obscure or dark room

An altar

Black clothing

Three red candles

The picture of the person

Steps to take to carry out this spell:

Wear the black clothes in the dark room

Light up the room solely with the three red candles

Place the three candles in a way that places you in their center

Hold the picture of the target with your right hand as you stand in the center of the room surrounded by the three candles

Clear your head and mind and meditate for a few minutes

Feel the presence of a salient entity and let your mind focus on your intention for the target

Stare at the picture of the target and focus your thoughts on what you wish to happen to him or her

After you have made your intentions clear, chant this spell while lifting the satanic bible:

“Hurt my enemies like they have hurt me; bring them sorrow and pain and avenge me for all the pain I’ve suffered.”

Spell 2:

If you want the offending party to regret his or her actions and offer you an apology, then this second spell is the best option for you.

Things you need for this spell includes:

An obscure room

A picture of the target

A powerful chant

Steps to take to carry out this spell:

Sit on the floor of the room with your legs crossed monk-style and place the picture of the target in front of you

Think about the hurtful things the person did to you.

Put your palms together and close your eyes

Then recite this chant:

I invoke the powerful karma energy on “Target’s full name”. Let him or her suffer like I have suffered and acknowledge his or her wrong to me.

This mantra must be chanted thrice for it to be effective

After chanting, turn the picture of the target so that the face faces the floor, and then place your right foot on it.

This spell will not only punish the person, it will also make him or her apologize to you.

To Conclude

You must keep the spell a secret and not mention it to anyone. Sharing details of the spell to a third party makes it ineffective. You can also contract the help of a professional psychic if you’re not capable of performing the spell yourself.

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