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7 Low Maintenance Small Dogs You Can Easily Care For

Dogs definitely rank first among pets, which is probably why they are referred to as man’s best friend. Though owning a pet dog is fun, it can be quite challenging to care for the furry animal. Apart from dog food, which of course is quite pricey, you also have to build a home for your pet dog. If you want your dog to live indoors with you, you will have to train it to properly cohabitate with you and other inhabitants. This is, of course, quite expensive.

This is why you must be careful when choosing a dog as a pet. If you’re on a budget but still want to own a pet, there are small dogs with low maintenance tendencies that perfectly suit your pocket. It is, however, not an excuse to be an irresponsible owner as poorly treating your pet dog is kind of a jerk move. Anyway, if you’re in search of small dogs that can be easily cared for, here are 7 awesome low maintenance small dogs to choose from:

  1. Pocket Beagle


This is perhaps the most adorable among low maintenance small dogs. It is both cuddly and cute and quite capable of melting a heart of stone. If you doubt this then you haven’t watched John Wick. Compared to other canine pets, the beagle is quite easy to care for.

Firstly, it is a low energy dog breed that has a sense of hygiene. This means you won’t have to be grooming it regularly just to keep it clean.

Pocket beagles also don’t eat much food so your pet food expenditure is guaranteed to be low. You may have to brush the dog’s fur at least once a week to get rid of dead hair.

  1. Rat Terrier

If you live in an apartment and are wary about the size of your dog for obvious reasons, then one dog breed you may want to consider is the rat terrier. For a small canine, the rat terrier can be quite playful but that is nothing unusual.

It is also one of many low maintenance pets that like to cuddle. Feeding the animal is a lot less expensive when compared to most other dog breeds. This is because the rat terrier has a broader diet that should fit perfectly with your finances.

You also don’t have to stress yourself much to groom the animal as it is less furry than other small dogs. A 2 weeks gap is ideal between each grooming session.

  1. French Bulldog


Underneath the cute exterior of this lovely-looking beast is an even cuter interior. If you want a bulldog but are wary about its size and possible tenacity then its French cousin is definitely the best solution to your conundrum.

This breed basically looks like a bulldog trapped in the infant stage and with a permanently happy countenance. It is not just ideal for an apartment, it is also a suitable pet for regular travelers that want the companionship of a cuddly animal.

  1. Maltese

This huggable beauty is pretty much the glamour pet for low budget owners who don’t want to waste valuable time caring for the animal. It is a lovable pet with most owners often allowing theirs to sleep in bed with them.

You will have to bath and clean the animal regularly if you also want that kind of sleeping arrangement. The cute canine, however, doesn’t shed its fur so grooming it isn’t necessary.

Perhaps, it is due to the sleeping arrangement, but the maltese often has a close connection with its owner. One may even say that it is able to bond with him or her.

  1. Chihuahua

A list of low maintenance small dogs just isn’t complete without including the animal that is renowned as the poster child for small dogs. The chihuahua has one of the smallest appetites among the dog species so you don’t have to worry much about its feeding expense.

It is a delicate dog, though, so you must handle it with care. If you do live in an apartment and are in search of a pet companion, then the Chihuahua has to be the top candidate to be your furry roomie.

  1. Miniature Pincher


If you want a tiny dog that will be able to live with you in a small apartment and also require zero grooming, why not go for the small canine with very little fur. This adorable creature is the perfect low maintenance companion you can get if you’re on a budget and don’t want to expend much caring for a dog.

You will have to put a dog sweater on the animal during the winter months as its fur isn’t adequate to protect it from the cold.

  1. Norfolk Terrier

Not many low maintenance small dogs are as cute as the Norfolk terrier. This fur covered mini beast is the perfect dog to keep indoors whether it is an apartment or a traditional house.

Though most owners of this pet like to handle it due to its alluring attribute, the cute little beast doesn’t mind being left alone to go about its business. Its prominent fur means you will have to participate in grooming duty. This, however, is a piece of cake as the dog’s fur is quite soft and easy to groom.

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