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Top 10 Coolest Pets to Have

Are you ready to finally get an animal companion but only want a pet that looks cool? Perhaps you aren’t really fond of dogs or cats, and you want an animal that is truly unique. Well, lucky for you there are so many animals out there that make awesome pets. Many of these animals are actually low maintenance pets that like to cuddle. So if you’re ready to shop for a cool pet, here are the top 10 coolest pets to have:

The Top 10 Coolest Pets to Have

  1. Parrot

Parrots are definitely one of the coolest animals out there. What else can you say about an animal capable of imitating human speech and even dance moves? You should be careful when purchasing a parrot, though, as the winged creature requires more attention than an average bird. While it is common in movies to see parrots housed in tight cages, this isn’t an idle living condition for the creature. So, ensure that you have a much larger space in your home to house the bird.

  1. Python

Yeah, nothing says cool more than a 100lb serpent curled around a glass cage in your home. This is definitely one of the coolest pets to have, unless of course, you suffer from ophidiophobia; in which case, it isn’t cool.

Pythons are definitely easy to cater for compared to other pet reptiles. With regards to food, you only have to feed it once or twice a week. You should, however, make its cage as big as possible so that it has a lot of room to crawl. It also isn’t wise to have one if you have kids at home; you don’t want to tempt the creature with a new diet.

  1. Pogona

The pogona or the bearded dragon, as it is popularly known as, is definitely one of the coolest reptile pets you can have. You should, however, build a proper cage for it if you want it to enjoy its stay with you. The creature is known to love climbing trees and resting on branches. That is one thing you should consider when building its cage.

  1. Capybara


If you like guinea pigs but don’t care for their small size, then the capybara should be an ideal pet for you. This incredible animal weighs up to 100lbs and can stretch to a length of 1.2 meters. It is an awesome pet to have if you reside in a big home with an open lush-green backyard.

Capybaras often like to swim, so setting up a mini-pond may be necessary when building a home for one.

  1. Kinkajou

Kinkajous are definitely among the coolest exotic pets you can think of. What else will you call a pet that viciously attacks pseudo-celebrities? Anyhoo, you may want to be careful with this creature. Though its demeanor is pretty sweet and harmless, it can be quite aggressive. As long as you don’t try forcing it into a Chanel bag though, you should be good.

  1. Raccoon Dog

If you’re looking for a cool pet in the canine family, then the racoon dog is definitely one for you to consider. Though the resemblance between this creature and a racoon is clearly apparent, it does indeed belong to the dog family. It is among the dog species banned in the US. So if you own one, you probably risk being contacted by the authorities.

  1. Caecilian

If you think worms are cool, then nothing beats owning a couple of large-sized worm-like creatures. Scientifically, though, caecilians aren’t worms; they are amphibians. They are also quite difficult to breed so you’ve got your work cut out if you intend on acquiring them.

  1. Prevost Squirrel

These aren’t your regular squirrels that chirp annoyingly on tree branches. They are quite a site to beyond with beautifully colored fur skins that are alluring to the eyes. If you intend to breed these creatures, then you must provide suitable housing otherwise they will not survive,

The diet of this creature isn’t that complicated though as it will eat most food given to it.

  1. Tortoise

Yep, there is probably no animal that is as chill as the tortoise. They can indeed be very incredible pets. You, however, have to properly take care of their well-being otherwise they may eventually die.

  1. Tarantula

If you’re a spider enthusiast, this is probably the coolest pet you can have. They are quite common and require very little care. Just ensure that you regularly provide its food and clean up its cage so it doesn’t stink to death.

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