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9 Simple Treehouse Ideas

Treehouses are pretty cool secondary abodes for kids to play in. Though this is the primary purpose of building one in a house, it can also help to improve the general aesthetic of the house.

Obviously, the traditional way to erect a treehouse is to build one from scratch. Most parents, however, don’t have the time or the skill-set to make that happen. Luckily, pre-built treehouses are now a thing so you can let your wallet do the building.

There are lots of things you’ve got to consider before building or acquiring a treehouse. Among the important factors are the types of trees in your yard, the strength of the trees, and of course, the preference of your kid/kids.

Instead of going crazy and setting up a tree house that resembles Fort Know, you can settle for any of the simple treehouse ideas that perfectly fit your house.

If you’re not sure what to look for, don’t sweat. Here are 9 simple treehouse ideas that should suit your kid and are safe to install:

  1. The Simple Treehouse


This is as simple as a treehouse can get. If you aren’t too obsessed with having something overly fancy, then this design should be adequate for your kid. Unfortunately, it may not be exquisite enough to feature in Tree Cribs, but who cares. As long as your kid is satisfied and it is safely mounted, then it should be enough.

  1. The Picket Treehouse

If the trees in your yard are slender, it is important that you install a treehouse with minimal weight. This is to avoid a possible collapse that may endanger your kid. The picket treehouse is the ideal fit for such trees. It is simple and makes use of minimal wood to reduce the stress on the tree. What makes this treehouse peculiar, though, is its unique shape, which resembles a compact picket fence.

  1. The Open Treehouse


This treehouse looks more like a concert stage than an actual treehouse. Perhaps your music inclined kid can use it for a rock concert. As the name suggests, it is an open structure with a floor, partially closed side and no roof.

It can be an ideal option if your kid is claustrophobic or if you can’t afford to install a proper treehouse.

  1. Treehouse in the Middle

If you’ve got two trees in your yard standing side by side with only a couple of metres separating them, one of the simple treehouse ideas that can work with this setup is placing a treehouse right in the middle.

The structure of such a treehouse is further reinforced by having two different tree supports for it. Due to the position the treehouse takes in the middle, its ladder or stairs is more likely to be directly below it, which means that the entrance will be at the bottom.

  1. Split-Level Treehouse

This applies a simple touch to a much complex idea. The treehouse basically has two tiers of platforms that are both open and easily accessible. With this treehouse, the structural integrity of the ladders is very important as you don’t want your kid falling while moving from one tier to another.

  1. Stand Alone Treehouse

If the idea of a mini-house lodged in a tree just makes you uncomfortable no matter how safe it is, then this treehouse idea is for you. It basically involves setting up a treehouse without a tree. While the treehouse may be lodged near a tree, its structural integrity doesn’t rely on the tree’s support.

You can, hence, be safe in the knowledge that your kid is having fun without the risk of the treehouse collapsing.

  1. Tree Pod

This is another simple but creative treehouse idea if you want to guarantee your kid’s safety. It is basically a treehouse shaped like an alien pod that is attached to the foot of a tree.

It is ideal for a good afternoon semester and can also be a resting spot for adults. It may not be suitable as a playhouse so ensure that your kid knows this before setting it up.

  1. A-frame Tree House


This is one of the early treehouse designs that were quite popular back in time. It is still a valid option if you want a treehouse that guarantees safety. Its robust size allows it to easily accommodate a couple of kids at the same time.

  1. Treehouse with a Deck

If you want that extra bit of safety as well as adventure then incorporating a deck into your kid’s treehouse is definitely a brilliant idea. It allows your kid to be able to play both inside and outside of the treehouse without any danger.

You should be wary, though, before installing this as the kind of tree in your yard will determine if it will perfectly fit.

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