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Where’s Best For You To Play Your First Game of Poker?

Every pro poker player had to start their playing career somewhere. Whether this has been a first-time, basement game with your closest friends, or you are finally of age to create your online betting account and you have discovered the magic of online poker. This has begged the question, where is best for you to play your first game of poker? Read here to find out more.


Few games can truly silence a group of friends out of pure intensity and joy. Poker is one of them that holds this power. As previously mentioned, playing your first game of poker with your friends is not uncommon and is where many pros learn the tricks of their trade. This can be beneficial for first-time poker players as they do not have the added-on pressure of having an audience of strangers staring down at their every move.

Another reason why it might be best to play poker for the first time with your friends is for the simple fact that it is fun. The game can be enjoyed by all and there will be no malice about who wins or loses, at the end of the game you will all still be friends and you all would have enjoyed a great night together. However, this could be combated by saying that unless you have someone with poker experience within the friend group, it can lead to confusion if you do not learn the correct rules and stay on the same page as your friends/poker competitors.


The online betting world is a magical place that many discover as they grow older. One of the main advantages of online poker is that it is extremely convenient. For example, you could be in the comfort of your own home after a long day of work and want to have a quick game of poker to cheer yourself up. Online poker spaces such as GGPoker allow you to do this with ease.

. Online poker means that you can pay for your first game of poker simply by using your bank details from a secured network. Furthermore, unlike some casinos and playing with your friends, online poker is available 24/7 at the tip of your finger. This ties in heavily with the convenience of the platform and further promotes online poker.


Going to a casino for your 21st birthday is somewhat a right of passage for a lot of people. Playing your first game of poker in the casino can be a great way to learn the real-life traits that many people hold when they are playing the game. It allows first time players to analyze other players’ tells and read the game to a higher standard than what you would be able to, compared to an online platform.

On the other side, it also allows the first-time poker player to build their bluffing skills to a better standard if they plan on continuing to play after that night. Another positive of playing poker for the first time in a casino is that you – hopefully – won’t be playing against some of the best players in the world. Online poker rooms don’t know who has decided to enter each game. Their algorithm is completely neutral; however, this allows for a first-time poker player to be paired into the same game as a pro player. This can be extremely detrimental and can easily shy potential future players from ever partaking again.

If you are searching for the right place to play your first game of poker, there will be no shortage of places where you can do so!

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