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free love spells to use on a specific person

Free Love Spell that Works Overnight

Finding love sometimes might be a herculean task that may seem insurmountable, especially if you are like me, an introvert to the core, very shy. While growing up, my biggest challenge was passing where a group of girls are chatting! Then I would just pray the ground should open and swallow me literally, or sometimes I would even take a longer route to get to my destination, I was that shy.

And the most emotional or rather painful part for me was that I actually needed to feel love, I wanted a girl I could call my own, one that I could cry with, play with, travel around the world with, share my ambitions, my home, my world with.

But my personality kept letting me down, and mind you, I wasn’t ugly per say; I am a university graduate with a nice paying job in a multinational organisation; I am extra clean, living in a nice apartment, kind, gentle, smart, lovable, and I could go on and on, but I seriously wanted a person that I could show this part of me to.

Maybe you may not be like me, a shy introvert; you might be the outgoing type, fun to be with, a sweet talker but can’t seem to get the girl/boy of your dream or can’t have them to love you as much as you love them. I understand, it can be frustrating and depressing knowing that you might just be the right type of guy/girl for that person you love.

You are the type that just isn’t contented with one and would want to explore more options without having to break the bank or spend endless hours calling or texting, which might not yield positive results.  And not being contented isn’t bad; in fact, not being contented has led to more advancement in various fields that has got to better our existence and living

I use to have a friend by the name Musa. After closure from work, I occasionally visit his workshop. Musa was an artisan; he makes some of the best footwear and we occasionally discuss wide varieties of issues ranging from political to family aspects.

On a certain day, there was this very beautiful girl living in the next street, right after Musa’s workshop. She passed beside us while we were having a conversation; her beauty was just glaring; she had the most wonderful smile I have ever seen, with her coca cola bottle shape figure and voluptuous backside. I mean everyone literally stops to watch, whenever she passes by. This girl is divine,

I have been crushing on her for ages but couldn’t muster the courage to work up to her for fear of being rejected. I turned to Musa and let him know I love this girl but I believe she would only want to date an angel. The next word from Musa’s mouth made me feel as if I was on comedy central.

He told me he was going to date her; I couldn’t control my laughter, I laughed my lungs out, but he kept insisting he was going to date her. Mind you, Musa is a guy that is not proficient in English language; he isn’t well groomed, a bad dresser and here he is aiming to date someone that works in a reputable I.T organisation, a fashion-oriented person, and a goddess. For me, I took it as a joke.

The following weeks, I went to meet Musa as usual in his workshop and I got the greatest shook of my life; I saw the girl in question inside Musa’s workshop, talking and laughing genuinely with my friend, Musa. I noticed Musa has changed in appearance. He was well-groomed and has been taking an online course in the use of English. His workshop has gone online (social media) where you could source for his skill. When I nearly fainted was when he introduced her to me as his girlfriend and she brought her hand to shake me in affirmation of what he said. As she left the shop, I swiftly met Musa and was trying to inquire from him how it was possible for him to have gotten this girl; he smiled and told me of a very potent spell he did that worked for him

Being a type that grew up from a very religious Christian home, I sought from Musa if this would not be against my religious beliefs, but I was made to understand that what I was actually doing was using the force of nature to bring about good things in my life.

Let me explain better; you see we humans are not actually aware of the natural cosmological powers that surround us and how we can use them for our benefits. If only you know the powers surrounding you, your life would get easier.

In casting this spell there are some rules you should always put into due consideration:

  1. You have to genuinely love the person you are doing this spell for, in order for it to work effectively.
  2. You must be willing to sacrifice your material possession for the good of that person.
  3. During the period of you dating him/her, you must not intentionally seek to hurt the feelings of the person, because nature has a way of taking care of its own.
  4. Try not to cage the person. Once you observe that the both of you are misfit, you should just let the person go.
  5. You have to believe in the potency of the spell for it to work for you.


Now that you are aware of the rules, let me unveil the most potent love spells that work overnight.

Ingredients/items needed

  1. Bath tub
  2. White Cloth
  3. Towel
  4. Metallic Ring
  5. Hair Strands
  6. Leaf
  7. Thread
  8. Flower Pot
  9. Seven Seed Kernel
  10. Picture of the Person
  11. Soil Dert
  12. Rose Oil


Before performing this love spell, take a shower without soap and wash your chin and the back of your head seven times. Dry off properly, remove all jewellery, and wear white clothing while casting the spell.

Think about the partner; try to avoid any kind of disturbance and negative thoughts. Pluck out seven strands of your hair carefully and roll a leaf around them. Take a thread and wrap it around the leaf, while leaving some of the extra threads on one side. Tie a silver or metallic ring to this thread and tie seven knots.

In a thin paper or cloth bag, put the rolled leaf, seven rose petals, a picture of the person you wish to perform the spell on, and, an item touched by him/her.

Finally, carry some dirt or soil from their gardens or surrounding; place this dirt in a bag, inside a flower pot and cover with 3 inches of soil. Plant seven seed kernels, and add seven drops of rose oil in the soil.

Put this flower pot on the right side of your window and water it seven times a week. Your love will grow each day along with the flowers in the pot.

This is one of the most potent spells that, if followed meticulously and you believe in it, would turn your dreams of landing your crush to reality adios…..

49's Team