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8 Signs a Love Spell is Working

Signs a love spell is working

If you’ve cast a love spell on someone, you’re probably wondering how you’ll know if the spell is working. There are definitely signs you should look out for in a person under a love spell. Some of these manifestations are quite apparent while others may be a little difficult to identify.

Anyway, this article is here to help tell you if your prospective lover has successfully fallen under the influence of your love spell. While the 8 signs discussed below aren’t a guarantee that the effects of a love spell is manifesting, they definitely confirm that the spell has at least started working.

So here are the 8 signs you should look out for in order to know that a love sell is manifesting:

Appearance of target in your dream and vice versa

The subconscious world or dream world is a separate realm or plane where the manifestation of real-life events first occurs. This is why a lot of people often dream first about things that happen later in the future.

If you have cast a love spell on someone, dreaming about being with the person is often a sign that the spell has started to work. It is advisable to note and record such a dream especially if it happens more than once.

It is also possible for the target of a love spell to dream about the spell caster. This is one way the love spell builds up attraction in him or her. The chances of a love spell working greatly increases if the target of the spell starts having romantic dreams that are about you.

Sudden appearance of synchronized numbers

Synchronized numbers are a crucial part of the magic world and are often used to predict the future. If you cast a love spell on someone, it is not unusual to suddenly see the occurrence of one particular number pattern on a consistent basis.

For example, if you cast a love spell around 12:00 am, you may suddenly start encountering that number everywhere you go, like on billboards, on the internet and any other digital media. This is definitely a clear sign that the love spell is starting to work.

Inexplicable Coincidences

It is not unusual for an inexplicable turn of coincidences involving the target to occur after you have cast a love spell on him or her. For example, you may suddenly bump into your love interest at the shopping mall or a restaurant or you may both be given seats next to each other at an event.

This is another clear sign that a love spell is manifesting especially if it is a binding love spell that brings both parties close to each other.


There have been various accounts of insomnia in people under love spells. Though this sign doesn’t guarantee that a love spell will actually work, it does show that the process has started taking effect.

One limitation of this sign is that you may not know if the target of your love spell is suffering from insomnia unless he or she tells you. If you, however, confirm that the target of your love spell does have insomnia, you can be rest assured that the effects of the love spell has started manifesting.

Sudden change of character

Love spells have the capability to change the entire character of person. So this is definitely one sign you should be on the lookout for if you have cast a love spell on a person. If a person who is shy suddenly becomes more bold and outgoing, then it is definitely a sign that the love spell is working.

Losing interest in family and friends

Some love spells work by directing the interest of the target away from loved ones to the spell caster. So if the person you cast a love spell on suddenly stops taking the interests of family members and friends seriously, you can conclude that the love spell you cast is working.

You should be careful, though, when monitoring this sign as it could possibly be as a result of a misunderstanding between family or friends.

Can smell his or her perfume or cologne

If you can smell the perfume of the person you cast a love spell on when he or she isn’t there, then it is quite possible that the spell is working effectively. You must be certain, though, that the smell is actually perceivable and not just a construction of your mind.

Can hear his or her name in public

If you suddenly start hearing the name of your target in public places, it is a sign that the love magic is effective and working. With this sign, you should also be certain that you can actually hear the name of the target; otherwise, it may just be your mind playing a trick on you.


These signs discussed above are the most feasible signs you can notice if someone is under the control of a love spell. The best way to know, however, is to approach the target and share your emotions with him or her.

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