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13 Sites Like Zillow

If you’re checking out this article then you’re probably interested in either purchasing a house or getting an appraisal on your property i.e., you want to know its worth. Well, Zillow is definitely one of the best sites on the internet for this sort of thing.

Zillow is a renowned home valuation website that can be used to determine the value of a property. It can also be used as a listing platform for those interested in selling, leasing or renting out their properties.

If you’re, however, not comfortable with the Zillow platform, well, you’re in luck as there are alternative sites like Zillow, offering similar services. So here 13 property sites like Zillow for you to check out:

  1. Redfin

This is a quite popular alternative to the renowned property assessment website, Zillow. It allows you to check out an entire area and study the individual houses within that are for sale. So, each available house within the area is assessed and its value is displayed for you to see.

With the information that is provided to you, you can make an enlightened decision and smartly purchase right property.

One feature that makes Redfin a much respected property website is that it helps homeowners to list their properties directly on the platform since the company has its own agents. If you, however, insist on using your own agent, well, that is also okay with the company.

  1. Trulia

This is definitely Zillow’s biggest competitor and one of its best alternatives. It helps you to find properties that are near you with amazing value.

What is truly cool about the platform, though, is that it assists you in calculating the amount you’re likely to spend on a property. Unlike other property evaluation sites that only include a standard mortgage fee, Trulia adds principal and interest as well as other possible mortgage fees. This means that you’re aware of the exact fee you’ll pay for a property.



If you’re looking to buy or sell a house at a very good rate then has certainly got you covered. The platform basically takes on the duty of a real-life realtor and ensures that you get a good deal on that property.

Apart from facilitating the buying and selling of houses, also calculates the value of a property to be bought or sold. It is definitely one of the best sites if you’re looking for a platform like Zillow.

  1. RE/MAX

RE/MAX is a decent site for information about the valuation of your home or any other property. It also helps you to connect with a broker or a realtor if the need arises. If you’re a buyer who is particular about the neighborhood and the area of a property, RE/MAX gives you all the details you need including schools, demographics, and other important data.

  1. Eppraisal

As the name suggests, the primary use of this site is to get the value of a property that is on the market. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, having this information can only strengthen your hand during negotiations.

Eppraisal doesn’t only provide you with property valuation, though, it also gives you important information like demographic data of the area as well as education, employment, and financial data.

  1. CyberHomes

This home valuation tool is among the best in the market with its results always spot on. If you want a swift and accurate valuation of a property without any fuss, then this should be the site for you. It does require that you sign up for an account before you can begin evaluating properties.

  1. Chase Bank Mortage Services

This renowned bank also offers a property valuation service that is operated by its Mortgage Service department. It is also a very easy tool to use, all you have to do is put in the address of the property in question and let the tool do its magic.

Its only downside is that it won’t provide photos of the property, which may not be necessary if you only want its valuation.

  1. Property Shark

Property Shark definitely deserves its place on this list of property valuation sites like Zillow. It does have its shortcomings, though. For example, its database is quite limited so you may not be able to find some properties in it.

If the property you’re evaluating is based in an urban area, though, there is a good chance that it will be found.

  1. Real Estate ABC

This is probably the least visually alluring site among the options on this list. Don’t be deceived by the look of this website, though, as it is definitely one of the most reliable property valuation sites like Zillow.

What is amusing about this platform is that it actually retrieves its valuations from Zillow, which may make its use moot. It does give you valuable information about other sold properties in the area so you can compare prices and make a smart decision.

  1. Rentometer

If you’re not looking to buy a home but to actually rent one then this platform helps you to calculate the rent you’re likely to pay in a particular house.

  1. Homesnap

This platform gives you an amazing visual breakdown of a home that is on the market. It doesn’t only provide you with its valuation, it also gives you every other vital information you’ll need to make a purchase or sale.

It also has a mobile app that is easy to use and quite reliable.

  1. Neighborhood Scout

If you wish to assess neighborhoods in the US before choosing to buy a property then this is the best site for you. All you need to do is enter a neighborhood’s details into the site and you’ll get all the necessary housing information including house valuations, demographics, local school details etc.

All these information are available to you for free; though, you need a paid plan ($191.88 per year or $39.99 a month) to access more information like crime rate, school reports, and property appreciation rates.

  1. Home Gain

Apart from providing you with home valuation, this site also gives you all the market housing data you need if you’re in the housing trade just for profit. You get important market data that will help you make a smart trade and earn some real money.

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