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What an Aries Man Looks for In a Woman

Who is an Aries Man in a few words?

Men with the zodiac sign Aries tend to possess such engaging qualities such as being forceful, enthusiastic, brave and influential. They are usually the epitome of the alpha male due mainly to their physique. They are often the life of the party as they tend to mix well and love to meet new people.

As young men, an Aries man loves being in a relationship but often times; it is not a long-lasting one.  It is therefore not hard to see them having a list of former lovers.


They may not be demanding as they tend to leave relationships at the slightest whim; ladies are prepared for any eventualities when in a relationship with an Aries man. They could also be the proverbial ladies’ man, ready to be involved in multiple relationships at the same time not caring whose ox is gored.


Ladies, you must be thinking, how do I get him to constantly admire and respect me? It will do you a lot of good if you pay close attention to what is written in this article on what an Aries man finds attractive in a woman.

If you want an Aries man to literally sweep you off your feet, there are some traits you should have to make that possible. Here are a few features an Aries man finds attractive in a woman

His way of Life

An Aries man loves his body and will do everything to keep in shape. He will love to be with a woman who also shares such passions by being a member of a gym club. To please him further, you can engage in outdoors activities like hiking, horse riding and go to a concert to further bond as a couple.

Zest for Life

He is a keen eye to recognize beauty and will go over the long haul to try and be with you. The trendy look will always appeal to his strong perception on how a lady should look. He is into women who are enthusiastic about life and who love their jobs. A very good way to hold him in conversation is how

eager you love to describe your work life to him in an engaging manner.

Sex Appeal

With his love to engage in physical activities, an Aries man will find any lady attractive who shares in this passion. Joining him in engaging in physical activities and keeping up with him in light exercises will make him see you as a worthy competitor who he should be in a relationship with.


In the hunt for the lady of his dream, an Aries man loves to be in the guessing game.  The guessing game keeps him interested in pursuing his interest in you. So, a lady should stay mysterious as he would love to unravel any mystery concerning who you really are. Keep him asking for more and just continue to keep guessing on what your next moves will be.


Being self-reliant in the decision making process would endear you to an Aries man. He is enamored by a woman who is willing to slip up as the case may be but still believes in her self-judgment going forward in the relationship.

Since he is a self-starter, he enjoys being in a relationship with a woman who shares same attributes and his interest is stoked when you display the ability to face and adjust to challenges that may arise in the cause of a relationship.

Also remember that he doesn’t expect you to be someone who he has to cuddle every time there is an argument; he expects a degree of intelligence from you in proffering solutions to any challenge that may arise.


It will not be far-fetched to refer to him as a drama king due to his impulsive nature. He can’t resist a woman that keeps him thinking on his feet at all times. A lady in a relationship with an Aries man should expect bumps on the way and should not think of a drama-free relationship or friendship.

He has got eyes for quality

This man has a knack for a lady, who, in every word, likes to keep up with modern trends in dressing, technology and music. New innovations catch his attention and he would most likely be attracted to a lady with such tastes that can match or surpass his appetite for such luxury goods and services.


Being uncomplicated and easy to understand as a lady, an Aries man will win you many points. He can’t stand ladies who need a lot of words to communicate their feelings or viewpoints in a conversation with him. The ability to express yourself will most likely increase a strong feeling of always wanting you around him.

Wifely Qualities

One quality that would make him long after you is that he finds in you a home maker – ready to cook his meals and take care of him. He values you as a lady if you can settle in with him and assume responsibilities that are consistent with what he envisages from a life-long partner.


He doesn’t enjoy being in a tedious relationship as he expects you not only to have a mind of your own but to be able to bring that conversation to the table. By being spontaneous, he knows you are always thinking of ways to hold his attention and will frequently want more of what you offer in the relationship.

Physical Appeal

He will go for a lady who stands out in her poise, dressing and general demeanor. Ladies do not try to overdo it by looking like an escort, impress him by picking clothes that are a breath of fresh air, a winning attitude and an unquenchable zest for life. Being a man who sees the fun aspect of life, always keep on finding ways to ensure he is always looking at you at all times.

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