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13 Sites Like Lulu’s

Lulu’s is one of the biggest online boutique shops with millions of registered customers. It was founded by mother-daughter pair, Debra Cannon and Colleen Winter. The store, which opened over 20 years ago as a brick-and-mortar store for vintage clothing in California, now covers the online terrain and is doing incredibly well.

Its products include Lulu’s branded dresses, accessories, jewellery, and beauty products. Lulu’s is renowned for selling dresses and attires that are trendy and stylish.

If you love to shop on this website, then you should know that there are other sites like Lulu’s that offer an amazing shopping experience and top quality products.

Here are 15 sites like Lulu’s you should give a try if you like the popular online boutique.

  1. Nasty Gal

This online boutique, which started as an eBay store, is definitely one of the best alternatives to Lulu’s. Since it began operations as a merchant store on the popular e-commerce website in 2006, Nasty Gal has grown to become a multi-million dollars venture.

Nasty Gal is more than just an online boutique, though, it is a fashion movement for millennials. Its brand has garnered so much publicity that it now rivals huge clothing store brands. While most online boutiques often start with building a physical presence, Nasty girl is an established online brand that is just starting to grow its physical presence by opening brick-and-mortar clothing stores across the US.

  1. Missguided

Missguided is an online store that is operated from the UK. Founded by Nitin Passi in 2008, this store provides some of the most fashionable attires you will ever come across. With daily updates of clothing selections, there is always something fresh available.

The online boutique also sells celebrity customized clothing including collections personally designed by pop star, Nicole Scherzinger.

With the UK market all but dominated, the store plans to expand its growth in other lucrative markets like the US.

  1. Gypsy Warrior

If you’re looking for unique boutique sites like Lulu’s, then Gypsy Warrior should definitely be one store to consider. The store sells trendy clothing that look just amazing and are a bit daring. It also deals in interior decor with the sale of pillows, candles, and mugs.


  1. Tobi

Operated from an office in California, Tobi boutique services millions of customers located in over 100 countries. Its tremendous followership and patronage may be attributed to the affordability of its products as well as the amazing discount offers it consistently gives its customers.

  1. Dorothy Perkins

This is one of the oldest boutique store brands on the list and definitely a credible site like Lulu’s. DP, as it is called for short, has hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores in the UK and the US. It has engaged in a lot of activities in an attempt to boost online sales and it seems that its effort is finally paying dividend. Why else will it be ranked as one of the best alternatives to Lulu’s?

  1. Showpo

Short for Show Pony, this online boutique has carved a niche for itself as a reliable store for customers based in Australia. The company’s boutique presence is entirely online with no brick-and-mortar boutique presently opened.

  1. Pixie Market

This online store, which is run from its headquarters in New York, sells some of the most fashionable attires you’ll ever find at affordable rates. The low prices of the products are probably due to the company’s outsourcing of manufacturing to countries in Asia and also its complete reliance on online sales.

Most of the clothing gears on the website are below $100 with only a few high-end clothes costing about $400.

  1. Revolve Clothing

If you want to know what the latest clothing in vogue is then this is an online boutique you shouldn’t ignore. Its focus in the clothing niche ranges from beach wears to summer wears and even winter clothing.

Its pricing is also quite affordable, making it a good option if you’re looking for sites like Lulu’s.

  1. NNNOW

Like the name suggests, this online boutique sells fashionable clothing that is presently trending. It has millions of monthly visitors and a number of loyal customers who regularly purchase the clothing products it sells.

Apart from its branded clothes, NNNOW also sells clothing of other popular brands, making it ideal if you want to buy a wide range of clothes.

  1. Hello Molly

If you’re looking for sunny dresses and casuals that are both stylish and affordable then this is the best site for you. What is also amazing about the clothes on offer on this site is their affordability.

It doesn’t matter which financial class you belong to, you’ll always find a dress that suits your style but more importantly, your pocket.

  1. Pretty Little Thing

This is an online store for ladies who wish to express themselves with the clothes they wear. If you believe clothing is a form of art, then you will definitely find the clothes on this platform suitable for you. The site is both aesthetically remarkable and very easy to use so you don’t have to worry about navigating through the pages on the platform.

  1. Honey Peaches

Honey Peaches sells some of the best dresses online. If you’re looking for an affordable night dress for a date or an occasion then this online boutique has surely got you covered. Its catalogue contains a vast number of dresses that should satisfy your taste and fit your financial strength.

  1. Sundae Muse

There are not many sites like Lulu’s that give you access to some of the trendiest casual wears in vogue. Sundae Muse should definitely be your top pick if that is what you’re looking for. You’ll find a variety of awesome T-shirts and blouses as well as stylish jeans that will fit you perfectly.

The clothes on this platform are also quite affordable so you won’t exhaust your income just to look good and stylish.

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