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7 Best Pet Lizards for Reptile Enthusiasts and Beginners

Lizards are certainly among the best pet reptiles you can own. This is mostly because they are not aggressive and are actually fun to play with…unless you bring home Godzilla, then you and your city are pretty much screwed.

Not all lizards do well in captivity so you must be careful when choosing a pet lizard. Nevertheless, there are a few that make perfect pets as long as you properly care for them. This article touches on the 7 best pet lizards that are ideal for those fascinated with the reptile.

If you’re not really into any animal class but still want an awesome pet, here are the top 10 coolest pets to own.

Without further ado, check out the 7 best pet lizards for beginners and enthusiasts.

  1. Bearded Dragon

This is an awesome pet that is commonly kept by both newbies and seasoned hobbyists. It is just a spectacular reptile to look at and also friendly. It is a medium-sized lizard that can grow as long as 20 inches.

Despite its relatively large size, it is very gentle and doesn’t mind being handled. You should watch out for its long sharp claws though. They can accidentally scratch you if you don’t handle the animal properly.

In order to make this creature adapt to its new environment, you must recreate a bit of its natural habitat in its cage. You must also not forget to feed the animal; it will get cranky if you do.

  1. Leopard Gecko


This reptile is an adorable pet and the best option for reptile enthusiasts who don’t have a huge space in their home for pets or want a pet that can be easily handled. This lizard, which is basically a gecko with leopard skin, is an incredible reptile companion to keep. It is often inactive during the day, which is probably perfect for your schedule.

It is also quite docile so will definitely not wear you down like most conventional pets. You should keep its cage well secured for its own safety, though, especially if you have other bigger reptiles in your home.

  1. Crested Gecko

Just like its beautifully colored relative, this lizard is most active during the night. It is a mellow reptile that often prefers to mind its business. It does like to climb on tree branches and coarse walls so ensure that its cage is equipped with similar structures.

Like its cousin, it feeds on insects so you will have to do some hunting if you want to feed it. If you aren’t up for that, then visiting or ordering pet food is a valid alternative.

  1. Chinese Water Dragon


Another awesome lizard you can get if you’re interested in this category of reptiles is the water dragon. It is basically a smaller and much tamer version of the iguana. It is also very easy to handle and never gets violent.

It does require lots of care and a well-built tank that is modified to resemble its natural habitat. This is the fastest way it will adapt to its new home. You must also ensure that its tank has lots of water.

  1. Anole

This lizard species is certainly one of the visually impressive reptiles that can be kept as a pet. Apart from its alluring qualities, it is a calm lizard that doesn’t get aggressive. This makes it quite easy to handle.

It is composed of two main sub-species; the green anole and the brown anole. Though the green anole is more common as a pet reptile due to its bright color, both variations of anoles are ideal pets for beginners and reptile enthusiasts.

This creature needs a specialized cage that is perfectly tailored to suit its needs. You should be careful when handling as it can get injured if you carelessly grab it.

  1. Iguana

If you think the medium-sized and small-sized lizards aren’t rad enough for you and you want a pet reptile that is closer to the bigger reptiles in the wild then get an iguana.

It is much closer to the thin line that separates cute pet lizards from aggressive lizards that aren’t ideal pets.

It is still a very tame pet that barely gets violent. It may, however, be wise to not attempt to handle this creature like other pet reptiles. It also needs a proper cage/tank that is well-modified to suit its features.

  1. Blue-Tongued Skink


This is definitely one of the best pet lizards you can own. If you want an odd-looking creature that is both tame and easy to handle, then this animal is the best option for you. How can you say no to a lizard with a distinct blue tongue regularly protruding?

The blue-tongued skink does indeed look intimidating but you’ve got nothing to worry about. It is a docile creature that is tame and quite fun to play with.


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