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9 Large Fluffy Dog Breeds That Make Amazing Pets

Large fluffy dogs are among the best canines to keep as pets. They are not only beautiful, they are also great cuddling buddies thanks to their fluffy coats. They are quite pricey, though, and most are high maintenance pets. If you’re certain that you can’t afford to care for a large fluffy dog, well, there are also some low maintenance pets that like to cuddle. These should be ideal for you.

Large fluffy dogs are, however, quite valuable. They are not only awesome furry pals to have, they are also loyal animals that will be fully devoted to making you happy.

With all that said, here are some of the best large fluffy dog breeds you should consider if you’re thinking about getting one:

  1. Great Pyrenees


This is a big white dog with a thick double coat that is weather resistant. The makeup of its fur coat allows the animal to excellently perform its functions as a sheepdog. It is an awesome guard dog you can keep in your home to protect it from burglars. It has quite a loud bark and is a very intelligent canine.

Grooming the animal is necessary, though, as it sheds its fur all year round. It is also a heavy eater so you must be able to afford its food.

  1. Central Asian Shepherd Dog


This dog is also known as the Central Asian Ovtcharka dog. It is a towering canine with a face that resembles that of a bear. It is nothing like the dangerous wood beast, though; In fact, it is one of the cuddliest animals on this list.

Despite its happy disposition, the Central Asian Shepherd Dog is a fearless dog breed that won’t back down from a confrontation. This makes it an awesome guard dog to keep at home. Its fur coat is also less fluffy compared to the other large fluffy dog breeds, so grooming it is a less stressful task.

  1. Briard


If you want a large fluffy indoor dog that is solely meant for companionship then this is definitely the best option for you. It is a happy-natured sheepdog that is quite active and playful. Though its size may suggest that it can be a guard dog, it honestly shouldn’t be your first pick if what you want is a dog that will house-sit when you’re away.

Its fur coat is quite rowdy and fur may even run down the face of the animal, covering both its eyes. This means that you have to be grooming it regularly if you don’t want it suffering an accident.

  1. The Bouviers des Flandre

If you want an exotic dog that belongs to the category of big fluffy dog breeds, then the Bouviers des Flandre is an animal you should consider. This herd dog is bulky and sturdy, and also one of the most adorable canines with a towering figure.

Despite its size, the dog is quite comfortable with being an apartment pet probably because it is one of the least mobile fluffy dogs around.

It is also a loyal animal that will do anything to protect its owner and can even become aggressive towards friends and relatives it doesn’t know.

Grooming is necessary to maintain the smooth texture of the dog’s fur coat especially since it is shed all through the year.

  1. Borzoi


This Sighthound is one of the best dogs you can get if you’re into hunting. It is athletic and powerful with a keen eye for spotting game that is far away. Even with these lethal traits, it is one of the most reserved dog breeds in this category of large fluffy dogs.

Its lean stature shows that it is an animal that likes to exercise occasionally so it may not be the ideal pet for an apartment.

Its fur coat can easily get frizzy too, which makes it quite uncomfortable to groom. You must, hence, ensure that you don’t miss one grooming session.

  1. Rough Collie

This dog breed is large enough to get into this group of canines, though, many people still consider it a medium-sized dog. The Collie is a calm dog that is intelligent and also devoted. Its loyalty to its owner is unquestionable and it will do anything to prove it.

It has a loud bark that is capable of drawing the attention of neighbours. This makes it a good guard dog for your home. It also requires consistent grooming thanks to its full fur coat.

  1. Kuvasz


If you want a large fluffy dog you can trust to be watchful of your home, guide your family, and also relate softly with your kids then the Kuvasz should definitely be a priority.

It is a well-mannered dog that doesn’t allow its size to be intimidating. That doesn’t mean it can be messed with, though, as this towering animal will go full hardcore if it has to protect its owner.

It requires lots of grooming so be ready to dedicate some time to care for the dog. The animal is, however, worth every trouble.

  1. Komondor


Want a Rastafarian dog with a fur coat that reminds you of the weed smoking culture? Well, happy to tell you that the Komondor is exactly what you need. It is an awesome house pet to have and is also a reliable farm dog for watching herds and livestock.

Its strength really isn’t in its physical stature; rather, it is its ability as a canine to resolve challenges by being tactful and resourceful.

  1. Otterhound

This is one of the best large fluffy dogs you can get. It is strong and lively, but perhaps its most valuable trait is its proclivity to form a bond with its owner. It can also be an ideal pet for an apartment. It does need to be groomed regularly so you have got your work cut out for you in that regards.

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