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13 Big White Dog Breeds That Are Awesome Pets

There is just something unique about a big white dog that makes it an amazing pet to own. Whether it is a fluffy fella that is a cuddling delight or a short-haired dog that is a fun companion, you can never go wrong with a big white dog.

For a dog to be grouped into this category, it must have conspicuous physical attributes of typical big white dog breeds. This means that it must weigh at least 40lbs and have a dominant white fur coat.

Here are 13 big white dog breeds you should definitely consider if you wish to get a canine pet that belongs to this category:

  1. Great Pyrenees


Nicknamed “the Gandalf of dogs” due to its ghostly white appearance and herd dog attributes, the Great Pyrenees is a fearless animal that weighs not less than 100lbs. It is one of the biggest in the category of big white dogs.

Its fur coat is dense and shaggy, which helps to further exaggerate the size of the animal. This attribute makes the Great Pyrenees look a lot more intimidating when it faces predators like wolves and bears.

  1. Samoyed


The Samoyed is one of the smaller big dog breeds with a weight that often ranges between 40lbs to 60lbs. It stands at a shoulder height of 2-feet so its appearance does well to mask its compact size.

Known to be more suited to colder regions, this animal has a beautiful white coat that is fluffy and able to protect it from adverse weather. It does shed quite often so you have to groom it regularly to avoid ruining its fur coat.

  1. Bull Terrier


If you aren’t pro-fur either because you hate grooming or are allergic to dog fur, the Bull Terrier is one of the best short-haired big white dogs that are perfect for you.

It is an intelligent dog that is energetic and also quite affectionate. Most Bull Terriers have cute black patches around one eye; though, there are some that are plain white.

  1. Afghan Hound


This is one towering dog with a quirky look. As the name suggests, it originated from the deserts and mountains of Afghanistan, where it was primarily used as a hunting dog.

Despite its impressive hunting skills, this dog is an adorable pet to own and definitely a canine contender for the best exotic pets list. Standing up to 2.3-feet, the Afghan Hound is surprisingly a less bulky canine with its weight not exceeding 60lbs.

  1. Kuvasz


The Kuvasz is a hunting dog that originated from Hungary. Its sheer size also makes it a good guard dog to keep at home. Apart from its physical attributes, this canine is quite the expressive type and is known to bark loudly at strangers.

It needs quite a lot of room to be comfortable so it is probably not an ideal pet if you live in an apartment. You can check out some low maintenance pets for apartments if that is what you’re interested in.

  1. Akbash Dog

This breed bears a striking resemblance to the Kuvasz; though, it originated from Turkey. It is a herd dog that was intended to be used for guarding herds and other livestock. Weighing over 100lbs, it is jokingly referred to as “the Bear Dog” due to its mammoth size and facial similarities to the popular wild mammal.

The Akbash dog will, however, not harm you unless you’re attacking its owner or attempting to invade its home.

  1. American White Shepherd

Want a German Shepherd with a ghostly white fur coat? Then this breed is the best option for you. Just like its darker relative, this dog is both intelligent and fearless. It is also a good command dog because it is obedient and willing to learn.

Its fur coat is quite bulky so it needs to be regularly groomed. A typical American White Shepherd can weigh as much as 75lbs, though, it is also swift and agile for such a hefty canine.

  1. Clumber Spaniel


If you want a big white dog that is sweet and fun to cuddle then the Clumber Spaniel is the breed for you. This reserved canine just loves chasing birds and retrieving them after they have been shot.

Its fur coat isn’t entirely white either. There are usually small brown markings located near the eyes, on the ears and also the tail. It also sheds like crazy so you will be on grooming duty a lot of the time.

  1. Siberian Husky

If you’re feeling like a daredevil and would love to own a wolf-like pet, well, the Siberian Husky is the best dog for you. Even though there are other dogs that will also be the ideal for you, the Siberian Husky is only one of the few breeds that accommodates the spotless white coat and the wolf-like features.

Standing at least 2-feet tall and weighing about 45-50kg, this glorious beast is certainly a dog lover’s delight and also devoted guard dog.

  1. Dogo Argentino


Also known as the Argentinian Mastiff, this canine breed has an intimidating look that can make you s*** your pants. Don’t let that deter you, though, as this breed is one of the most devoted animals you can ever keep.

It is brave and loyal, and won’t hesitate to come to your defense if you ever get attacked or harassed. It is also an awesome guard dog that can be ferocious when it has an encounter with a burglar.

Added to all these qualities is its thin fur coat that doesn’t need to be groomed.

  1. Komondor


If you’re into the bizarre then this dog breed is just right your alley. The Komondor is a funny looking dog with a fur coat that is composed of long-corded hair. This will probably be a grooming nightmare for you; but hey, at least you’ve got the coolest big white dog in the neighborhood.

  1. Slovensky Cuvac

This is a massive herd dog that weighs up to 100lbs and stands 2-feet tall. It has a white fluffy coat that makes it beautiful to look at and it is also an amazing cuddling buddy.

Despite its warm attributes, the Slovensky is one brave dog that is known to be able to fend off attacks from wild animals e.g., wolves and bears. It is also a heavy shedder so you should always have your grooming comb on standby.

  1. Tatra


The Tatra is definitely one of the best big white dog breeds you can own. It stands at least 2-feet tall and has an imposing weight of around 100lbs. Some variants weight up to 130lbs. Despite its towering figure and commanding disposition, it is one of the gentlest dogs you can get.

It has a thick fluffy coat that helps to keep it warm during cold winters, and it often sheds during warming seasons. So, you must endeavor to groom it properly in order to maintain its attractive appearance.

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