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7 Sites like Hackerrank for Coding Tips and Challenges

Coding is a very complex skill that requires lots of practice to perfect. To become an expert in the coding terrain you must regularly encounter and resolve different coding challenges. Luckily for you, there are some online platforms that help would-be coders and programmers to hone their skills.

One of such sites is Hackerrank, which has proven to be a reliable platform for those who want to challenge themselves in a wide range of coding domains like algorithms, SQL, AI, and functional programming.

If you already make use of Hackerrank but wish to find more options, well, here are 7 sites like Hackerrank you should give a shot:


Unlike the question bank style websites such as LeetCode and Hackerrank, AlgoMonster is about teaching you the systematic knowledge you need to solve any interview question – in less time and without memorising a bunch of fixed solutions. Their approach focuses on a limited number of key patterns that permeate most interview questions across all major tech companies. This will help you solve new problems you’ve never seen before.


This is definitely one of the best top-ranked coding sites for those eager to learn and master programming. It is loaded with lots of programming challenges that will certainly improve your skills and transform you into a top-rated programmer.

The website also has a few coding contests every month where programmers are paired against other programmers and tasked with solving a variety of coding challenges.

If you definitely want to improve your coding skills and become one of the best in this field then you should definitely sign up on this platform.


Coderbyte is one of the few sites like Hackerrank where you can master the programming skill by finishing regular challenges. The platform has over 200 coding challenges for each of the 10 popular programming languages on the website.

Apart from the coding challenges, the platform also has well-detailed video tutorials as well as preparatory courses that will certainly help you hone your craft.

One thing that differentiates it from Hackerrank, though, is that you can view solutions provided by other users for any coding challenge.

Project Euler

This website houses a huge collection of tasks and challenges that specifically belong to the coding terrain as well as computer science and mathematics.

Challenges that you’ll find on this platform often involve solving mathematical equations by writing apt programs. An example of these includes calculating the number of digits that precede each number in a series.

One main flaw of this platform is that it doesn’t provide you with an editor so you will have to use one in your system.


For programmers and coding enthusiasts based in India, this is the best platform for you. The platform provides hundreds of different coding challenges that will definitely test your mettle. What is awesome about this platform is that it takes your skill level into consideration before assigning a challenge to you. This means you’re placed in a challenge category that is suitable for your skill level.

The platform also has an online editor that allows you to write your codes without any hassle.


Among the sites on this list, CodeEval is perhaps the platform that has more similarities with Hackerrank. The platform has a collection of coding challenges that are company-sponsored. These are the kind of challenges that you’ll be expected to tackle at a prospective job. So you can say that the platform helps to prep you for a programming job interview.

A lot of companies actually use the platform to directly recruit programming staffs. They create tasks and challenges and reward only the best performers with job opportunities.


Finally, this isn’t just a platform that provides you with coding challenges to tackle, it is an online judge that assesses your programming skills and helps you to prepare for a technical job interview. The site has hundreds of challenges in 9 coding languages that will train you for the interview.

While you can’t see the solutions provided by other users on this platform, you can see details of your own solution that will help you improve. The platform also has a Mock Interview section that helps you to prepare for specific interviews.

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