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9 Sites Like Afterpay for Processing Online Payments

With the explosion of the e-commerce terrain, there has been a steady surge in the number of online payment systems that are used to complete a variety of transactions. Of course, the popular payment methods you’re probably familiar with include PayPal, Stripe, and WorldPay.

Another popular payment platform you may want to check out is Afterpay. It is a reliable payment gateway that can be fully integrated into a vast range of online shops. It also enables payment via credit and debit cards.

If you’re already familiar with Afterpay but will like to try other alternatives to the platform, here are 9 sites like Afterpay you can give a shot:

  1. Final

One of the challenges of facilitating card payments online is that it can be interrupted by certain issues with the card e.g., fraud, theft, and unknown card cancellation. This can be quite problematic especially if you’ve got an emergency payment to make.

Thankfully, Final is one of the best payment tools that eliminates any of the aforementioned hassles that may hinder the completion of a transaction. It is both reliable and safe; but more importantly, it is quick to process.

  1. Affirm

This unique payment tool allows you to split your payment for any online purchase into monthly recurring fees. This helps you save time and money. It basically allows you to negotiate a comfortable payment schedule with a seller so that you only pay within your means.

It also doesn’t have any hidden charge that is often seen when you make payments with credit cards or debit cards.

  1. ZipPay

This is also another payment gateway that is basically identical to Afterpay both in feature and function. Like Afterpay it charges a small percentage commission on each transaction that is successfully carried out on the platform.

ZipPay is, however, mostly used to process payments that are below $1000 so it may not be ideal for e-commerce stores that deal in high-end products.

  1. ZipMoney

Not many of the payment processing sites like Afterpay are able to facilitate the payment of sums of up to $10, 000. Thankfully, ZipMoney is one of the few that will let an online store process such huge amounts of money.

It is often used by online retailers that deal in bulky items like, refrigerators, furniture, and computer systems as well as other hardware.

  1. Openpay

This new startup only offers its services to a handful of retailers but the quality, nevertheless, is definitely top-notch. It basically combines valuable features from 3 of the more popular payment platforms: ZipPay, ZipMoney, and Afterpay.

So retailers are able to carry out transactions of up to $10,000 each in value just like ZipMoney, and the process is as swift as in both Afterpay and ZipPay.

  1. VoguePay

This online platform helps to facilitate online payments either for purchased products or rendered services. What is amazing about this tool is that you can carry out payments with or without a website.

It is definitely one of the best alternatives to Afterpay you’ll find. It is also safe and reliable.

  1. Razorpay

Razorpay is an online payment platform that helps to smoothen commercial transactions between merchants and buyers. It swiftly executes payments that are made through a vast range of methods including credit cards and debit cards.

It is also quite safe and helps to protect the merchant as well as the buyer from fraudulent activities.

  1. MangoPay

Looking for a payment gateway platform that is more diverse and can ideally fit an array of industries? Then MangoPay is the solution for you. This payment platform isn’t only suitable for online marketplaces and e-commerce websites, it is also the perfect payment solution for service websites, and even crowdfunding platforms.

It also has an app that helps to facilitate payment through mobile devices and smart phones; thus, vastly improving the payment process.

  1. WePay

This is another multi-platform payment solution that perfectly fits a wide range of industries and commercial platforms. Like MangoPay, it can be used in online marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, crowdfunding platforms, and even by startup software.

WePay is very secure, it ensures that both merchant and buyer are immune to the loss of funds as a result of fraud.


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