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7 Best Cat Breeds for Cuddling

It is no surprise that cats are among the cuddliest pets you can get. Unfortunately, this adorable pet doesn’t belong to the category of low maintenance pets that like to cuddle. Unlike these animals, cats require lots of care and attention, and their meals can cost a butt-load of money.

If you’re, however, able to afford to keep a cat as a pet, you definitely want to get one that is okay with cuddling. Not all cat breeds are inclined to acquiesce your request for a cuddle; in fact, some breeds will straight out rebel by scratching you hard if you try to cuddle them.

Thankfully, there are some cat breeds that are the best for cuddling. So, if that is what you’re looking for, here are the 7 best cat breeds for cuddling:

  1. Tonkinese


This breed is ranked as the most affectionate and loving cat breed. It is also one of the most social felines you can find as it is always willing to mingle with people.

What is great about this cat breed is its willingness to instigate a cuddling session. This means that you won’t have to be the one regularly trying to cuddle your pet as the animal also reciprocates from time to time.

  1. Ragdoll


You’ll probably struggle to find another cat with a disposition that is cuter than this beautiful feline. The Ragdoll is indeed a cuddling magnet that is just so adorable. It is also one of the best options for you if you’re looking for a lap cat that will watch your favorite movies with you.

It is a social cat that gets along well with people and even other pets. It is not uncommon to see a Ragdoll and a dog breed share friendly cuddles. If you want a cat breed that will guarantee regular cuddles, then this breed is for you.

  1. Persian

This is another ideal lap cat that is always looking for a cuddle. Even if you’re too busy doing chores or engaging in an activity, the Persian cat will definitely come to you for a cuddle. Unlike the two cat breeds above, this breed is quite shy and less social, so don’t expect it to get friendly with strangers.

If you, however, want a cat that will regularly snuggle you in bed or on the couch as you watch TV, then this is one breed to consider.

  1. Birman


There is no argument here; the Birman is one of the best cat breeds for cuddling. This feline doesn’t only love to get cuddly with its owner, it actually loves to be around him or her always. So if you get this cat for a pet, you’re guaranteed a companion that won’t leave your side…unlike your ex.

The pet is also quite shy; though, it does eventually become friendly with strangers who are patient enough to get used to its mannerism.

  1. Scottish Fold


In terms of cuteness, this cat breed is definitely up there with the cutest feline breeds. It also has one of the cuddliest furs you’ll ever touch. You will simply be unable to resist the urge to cuddle this cute little kitty.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the couch and are about to watch a movie, or in your library doing some reading, or in bed taking a nap, the Scottish Fold is always willing to be next to you in snuggling embrace.

  1. Himalayan

Though the appearance and disposition of this cat don’t scream cuddly, you’ll be surprised to know that it is one of the best felines you can get for cuddling.

This cat is also quite an attention seeker and a drama queen, and it would do anything to get your attention including giving you a nice snuggle. Because of this behavior, it is one of the easiest cats to form a bond with.

If you’re a busy fella who is rarely at home and is incapable of giving lots of attention to a pet, then you don’t want to get this pet.

  1. Selkirk Rex


This lovely cat has an exotic look and a fur coat that you’ll want rubbing against your body always. It is a quite social animal with a lovely temperament so you will have no problem introducing your friends or family to it.

It doesn’t mind being picked up regularly and it would also cuddle strangers it has become acquainted with, so be careful or you may lose your cuddling buddy to someone else.

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