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love spells through text messages

Love Spells through Text Messages

This spell is one of the most sought after spells; we always feel the need for that person we love to think about us, love us and seek each other’s attention, at least, for once in our lives.

When you finally get to meet that special someone who attracts your attention, who seems to like you as much as you like him/her, then you should start communicating on phone, text and whatsapp messages, and all of a sudden, your daily communications stopped and just disappear.

Your loved one does not call you for a few days, does not respond to your messages and you have no idea what is happening.

There are two reasons for this behavior: the person you want is not interested in you, or he wants to awaken your desire for him/her. Either way, it is not a nice idea once somebody avoids you in this manner. To facilitate this period of no contact, we offer a little magic for the rescue, so that he/she can think of you and look for you.

How to get him/her to look for me and think about me?

Do you assume your crush is mad at you? Maybe he/she ignores you or just don’t want to send a text message? Do not worry. In the next article, we will discuss some spells, such as how to make your special person call you instantly.

There are some love spells which you will create in order for him/her to contact you. These spells are easy to follow and with little ingredients, anyone can source for, and could also perform the spells without any assistance.

Just be patient and be very careful, but above all, you have to believe in these spells. With this kind of magic, you can restore a contact with your ex or approach someone you like or who you are in love with. This type of love spell is new, as technology was developing in the last two decades. Cell phones replaced love letters and the exchange of love messages is much faster than before.

Honestly that little wait intrigues and worries us. Why didn’t he return the text message or why has she not called? These spells are not harmful, but they are still very powerful.

Spell list to think of me and look for me

Spell 1: The easiest text message spell

“Call me” spells shouldn’t be hard to perform. In this case, you only need a piece of paper and your cell phone. You can do this spell every day until finally someone calls you. On that piece of paper, write the name and place it under your phone. This spell requires your strongest will and in that manner, your desire will be projected to the person you wish for to call you. It can happen instantly, but the projected term is 3 days.

Spell 2: Use the energy of water

These spells should bring quick and good results. Get yourself a glass of water. Place it on the open window and sprinkle some salt. Close your eyes and sing “Listen to me, call me, we have to talk ” three times and then drink the water. The spell can make anyone contact you. This is an effective way to transfer positive energy to the person you want.

Spell 3: The power of visualization

The magic of love is related to visualization and your desire to achieve your goals and desires. And here is the trap: you need to think about it and want someone to look for you and think about you with all your heart.

In this way, send positive vibrations and energy to the Universe, which will be relocated to the person you want. For this spell, you need a paper. It would be good to have a quality paper, preferably in red (love color).

Then you need a needle and a great passion. At the center of this paper, write the name of your crush two times, make sure that the letters containing the name of that person is typed round the circle.

While doing so, imagine that special person you like. Imagine him/her taking the phone and sending you a message, or something like that. Then, take the needle and place it in the center of that circle. Place that paper somewhere on the point of the phone and leave it. The spell will work in the next 5 minutes, hours or days, depending on how big your desire was.

Spell 4: Candle to boost the “think of me, call me and look for me” spells

Candles are used in the magic of love to give extra power to spells and songs. In this case, you will use a yellow candle that symbolizes positive energy and stimulates the facility of the mind. We need not mention that with each performance of these spells, you must be alone and very focused on what you are doing.

Take a yellow candle and light it. Let it burn for a few moments. During this time, imagine the person you want to receive a call from. Then, take the needle and gently write the legal name of that person on the candle. Then pierce with the needle through the center of it. Be careful not to accidentally extinguish the flame. The rule is that your special person will call you before the flame reaches the needle.

These are the most potent and easy spells to get the one you love, longing for you. But an important point to note is that; these spells only work on someone you had been in communication with previously, but the person stopped communicating with you, for reasons not know to you; the spell is not going to work when you try to use it on random people, which have no link or line of communication with you.

Finally, it is time for you to get back the love of your life, all the best cheers!!!

49's Team