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How to make a voodoo doll control someone

How to Control Someone Using a Voodoo Doll

Have you ever wondered how possible it is to control someone using a voodoo doll? Although it sounds as something unreal and impracticable but after reading this article, you ‘d be amazed at how effective the power of voodoo doll love spell can be.

One of the interesting things about this love doll is that it is free and can be used practically by anybody; you do not have to be a love spell guru or a magician before you can cast this love spell.

Firstly, we must understand what voodoo love spell is, what it is used for, and how it works. This begs the question:

What is A Voodoo Doll?

In simple words, a voodoo doll is a dummy built in such a way to look like a real person. Interestingly, this doll is all you need for you to be able to control all the activities of a particular person. It is manipulated in such a way that it can either be used for a good or bad purpose. If you can create a voodoo doll, then you have access to the person’s life and you are more or less like a captain in a ship.

What is Voodoo Magic?

If you’ve seen someone acting as a zombie for another person, voodoo magic is somehow at work. Voodoo magic is a kind of magic that uses the voodoo doll to gain access and total control of someone.  It’s not surprising to read or hear that voodoo magic is black magic due to the inappropriate usage of some people.

Contrary to the general belief that voodoo magic is only used for an evil purpose, it’s also used for goodwill depending on who’s using it.

control someone with a voodoo doll

Hoodoo Doll- Another Magical Doll?

Hoodoo and Voodoo! Although these two sounds similar and more like rhymes but they are not in any way close as they are of entirely different origin. The hoodoo magic was dated back to slavery time when it was practiced by traditional society. Nevertheless, the Hoodoo doll is also effective.

Voodoo- A religion in Haiti?

Voodoo which is also spelled as Vodou is a well-known religion in Haiti.  In this religion, their belief is in a mysterious and far-away ultimate god called “Bondye”

It is believed in Vodou religion that Bondye neither listen nor speak to human so they divert their prayers to spirits called “Loa”, which are submissive to Bondye.

Who is the god of Voodoo?

There are several voodoo gods of which the most popular are Ayida, Legba, Kalfu, Ogun, Marinette, Damballah and lots more. Of all these voodoo, some are good while some only extort humans by demanding sacrifices often.

Effects of Voodoo on A Person

When you use voodoo on someone, you gain total control of the person’s mind thereby controlling his actions. It works such that whatever action you perform on the doll you have with you will reflect on the person.

In no time, you will be able to have that special person you’ve been dying for if you use an effective voodoo.

Some Terms To know in Voodoo

  • Oya– This is one of the deities in Yoruba traditional religion. This deity is the god of wind, thunder, fierce storm, renaissance, and death. Oya is identified as a female and also known as oia. It is related to one of the Haitian gods earlier mentioned – Maman Brigette.
  • Veve– Veve is a symbol used to denote astronomical forces in voodoo. It is used in diverse parts of voodoo majorly in the African movement. Veve is mostly drawn with gunpowder, red brick powder or cornmeal on the floor and when this is done, Loa comes down to the earth.

Right now, let’s jump straight into the process of using voodoo to control a person.

Firstly, you will need some materials to cast a voodoo spell.

  • Dolls
  • Pins
  • Private properties like photographs, hair, undies, etc..
  • Water
  • Wool
  • Candles and
  • Bowl

Average time: 10-20 minutes


  • Have Two Dolls

Make sure you have two dolls that have never been used readily at hand for it to work. You can either create one by yourself or buy an already made one. These dolls are what will be used to connect both spirits so that you will have overall control of the person.

  • Slit the tip of the head a little

Hold the doll and slit the tip of the head of one doll a little. This slit doll represents the person you want to cast a spell on while the other doll which wasn’t slit represents you.

  • Put personal properties inside the slit doll

Ensure you stock up the slit doll with personal belongings like hair, semen, picture, and urine.

  • Use wool to bind the dolls

After stocking up the doll with personal stuff, use wool to bind the two dolls completely. The wool should cover all the body entirely and bind as a dead body.

  • Say blessings on the doll

Now is the time to rain blessings on the doll as its ready for use. To do this, you need a bowl and water. Fill up the bowl with water, take both dolls on separate hands and immerse them inside the water at the same time.

Remove both from water at the same time after they have been fully immersed for 3-4 seconds.

  • Start casting spell

Your dolls are now effective and can be used to cast spell on someone you wish to do it on. All you need to do is hold the two dolls saying to them” I hereby summon the forces of creation, listen to my words, and link these two souls together”

  • Put some quantity of candle wax on the doll

What the candle wax does is to hasten the effect of the voodoo on the person. Put some amount of candle wax on the doll after you’ve cast the spell.

  • Join the dolls together

To do this, you will need pins to bind the dolls together on both sides.

  • Keep the dolls in a safe place

Lastly, ensure that the dolls are protected from direct sunlight and kept in a cool dry, place.

Voodoo doll love spell works effectively if done in the right way. I hope you’ve learned the process of making a real voodoo that you can use to control anyone you wish in this article.

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