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spells to win the lottery

Spells to Win the Lottery

What if you won every lottery you’ve played all your life? You’d have probably become a billionaire by now and living in affluence. When you lose money to a lottery, you become bitter, angry, frustrated and full of regrets. A lottery is a game of chance that requires no training or skill; it can be played by anyone. Winning in a lottery is mainly dependent on luck which some don’t seem to ever have.

However, there are free money spells that can increase the chances of you winning lotteries. That’s too good to be true, right? Keep reading this article and you will find out how this spell will help you achieve the life you desire by getting free money from lotteries.

Truth be told, there’s this kind of joyous feeling that comes when you win a lottery. Regardless of your status, whether poor, average or rich. The poor will certainly be super excited after winning a lottery but this is not to say that the average person and the rich will not also be excited. Who doesn’t like free money anyway?

spells to win the lottery

Free Money Spells to Win Lottery Every Day

Money is the answer to most questions in life. When you are wealthy, your mind is settled and rest assured. The future is not bleak as opposed to one who lives from hand to mouth and cannot even boast of the certainty of eating three square meals.

You won’t like to lose money when playing the lottery daily even if you use a little amount of money to play. You always want to win, win, and win all over again. We have lots of lottery spells that can guarantee your winning every day but you’ll be learning about two of them in this article. This free lottery spells can give a win-win situation if you do it the right way.

First Variation Spell

This spell is required to be cast before you go out to play the lottery. It guarantees a victory each day you go for the lottery ticket. The materials you need to cast this spell are a pen, a piece of paper, a green candle, and honey. The sun plays a major role in the success of the spell, so the ideal time to cast it is before the sun rises early in the morning.

  • Rise very early in the morning, look for a quiet place to light the candle
  • On a piece of paper, write the amount you would like to play with and the type of game you want to play
  • After that, chant this saying “As the sun would surely rise in the sky today, so shall I win this lottery
  • Repeat the words seven times and burn the paper
  • Put the ashes together, add honey to form a paste
  • Leave the paste till the sun rises fully
  • Put your right index finger in the paste and use it to make a dot on your forehead.

After completing this process, you are good to go out and play that lottery game. Winning is assured!

Second Variation Spell

The second variation spell is a bit different from the first one in that you can cast it anywhere and in any way. In fact, you can cast it as you are heading to play the game.

However, you should take note that it’s a must you cast it before you get the ticket. This spell doesn’t need any form of ingredient for you to cast it unlike the first one.

  • The first thing to do is to set your mind ready for the spell. With this, you spark the spell for action.
  • Once you’ve got your mind ready and focus on you winning the ticket, repeat these chants seven times “forces of the world, I’m part of the world, turn my luck into fortune today and make me rich.”

Make sure your eyes are closed while saying the chants and say it loudly.

Do not say it within you or whisper!!

Say it with a loud voice because there is power in your voice.

The second variation is much easier and it yields a positive result as the first one.

Free lottery spells to win lottery prediction

Let’s take a close look into how this spell can help you predict every lottery correctly and win. These spells operate in an entirely different realm not related to the physical realm. Often, you either get the predictions in your dreams or in visions.

This spell also comes in two different variations. Let’s move together to know the secrets of knowing the right predictions even before you get your ticket. You just go straight for the winning ticket instead of gambling.

First variation

The first variation is like a general variation as it can also be used for other purposes, like having a glimpse of what lies ahead in the future. It should be done at midnight.

Materials needed

Green candle, mirror, and incense

  • The important ingredient in this spell is your mind which requires you to fully concentrate and focus
  • Lit the green candle and have your sit in front of the mirror
  • Also, light up the incense and place it between you and the mirror such that the smoke separates you
  • Set your gaze fully on the mirror and focus your mind on getting the prediction
  • Have faith in your heart that you will get it. Go ahead and chant this

“I call upon you; mirror, mirror, spirit of the mirror, reveal my heart desires.”

It will be revealed to you on the screen.

Second Variation

This spell is also cast in the midnight and its mode of work is that it makes you fall into a deep sleep where the predictions will be revealed to you in a vision.

Materials needed

Bowl of water, green candle, incense and honey.

  • Take a bowl of water and light the candle
  • Set your gaze on the water as you say this thrice, ” Spirit of water and fire, show up to me in vision and reveal to me the troubles of my heart”.
  • While saying it, ensure you use the bowl of water to make a circle round the incense.
  • At the third time, put the bowl down and add honey. Take a sip.
  • Lastly, light the incense and allow it to burn till the following morning.

You can go to bed and you will see the result of the spell.

Free Money Spell to win lottery quickly

This free money spell is very easy to cast as it does not need any ingredient, just a focused mind.

You can cast it before or after getting the ticket. Have a picture in your heart that you are the winner, then say this ” forces of the universe, let it be unto me as I picture myself in my heart”.

Say this as many times as you can and you will see yourself winning lottery games.

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