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Achieving Weight Loss with the 7 Days Water Fast

Fasting has been seen since time immemorial as a dieting strategy for tackling weight loss. It is basically abstaining from food for the purpose of losing weight. The reasoning is that when your body isn’t fed with new nutrients, it will proceed to break down what is available within.

When you’re engaging in a fast for the sole purpose of eliminating excess fat, you must endeavour to follow proper instructions. If you fail to do this, well…that fast may actually have an opposite effect on your body.

Water fasting is a category of fast that has been proven to be more effective in reducing weight. It involves strict abstinence from all forms of food and beverages except water. The rationale behind this is that water being an important participant in metabolism will hasten the process of fat breakdown during the fasting period.

Obviously, going permanently on a water-fast isn’t just feasible as you will eventually need to eat something if you wish to survive. This is where the 7 days water fast comes to the rescue.

There are quite a lot of proven resources that show that you can lose at least 1-3 pounds daily if you engage in a 7 days water fast. So if you have the will and mental strength to persevere through the biting hunger that will probably suffice, you can finally reach that goal of achieving successful weight loss.

What is impressive about the 7 days water fast is that it doesn’t only give you instant results, it also trains you to eat less food, which in turn leads to more healthy weight loss.

So, even if your goal is to achieve immediate weight loss, you are also imbibed with a healthy eating habit that will make you lose more weight later on.

Benefits of the 7 Days Water Fast Apart from Weight Loss

Before you proceed with the 7 days water fast for weight loss, it is important for you to check out some of its other benefits.

Of course, the primary benefit of this fasting regimen is its incredible weight loss outcome

Water fasting has also been found to revive dying and overwhelmed tissues in the body

It helps to increase insulin sensitivity thanks to stability in blood sugar levels

It helps to reduce blood pressure as well as stress levels

It leads to greater cell resistance, which in turn strengthens the body’s immunity

It helps to reduce the build-up of toxins, which can be a huge determinant in getting cancer

And it helps to resolve gastro-digestive issues like constipation and gas.

You shouldn’t just dive into a 7 days water fast, you have to plan ahead before commencing the dieting procedure. You must prepare yourself physically and mentally for the 7 challenging days.

It is actually smarter to eat less food for a couple of days before you commence the fast as it trains your body for change in eating habit.


Here are also some other tips you can follow during the 7 days water fast to get a successful outcome:

Overcome the initial obstacle

The first two or three days are the most difficult during the 7 days water fast. If you’re ever going to cave, it will probably be within those first few days. This is where your mental strength comes to play. Resist the urge to break your fast and continuously look at the big picture of sustainable weight loss.

You’ll probably experience bouts of intense hunger, dizziness, and weakness during those first few days. Most of these manifestations will, however, subside as you proceed with the water fast.

Rest a lot

This cannot be mentioned enough. During the 7 days water fast you’ll have very little energy to exhaust. It is important that you save as much energy as possible to avoid complete exhaustion.

If you’re working, it is best that you schedule this water fast to a period you’ll be free or on leave. Though it isn’t impossible to carry on with work while fasting, it may be difficult if your work is energy-consuming.

Combining the 7 days water fast with energetic work is a recipe for disaster. Ensure you rest as much as possible during the period and only exhaust your strength on very important things.

Engage in something productive and distracting

It is easy to dwell on the pain of hunger when fasting especially if you aren’t engaged in one activity or the other. To avoid this massive inconvenience, you should engage in some other activity that can be productive and also distracting.

Remember, though, that you don’t have much energy to exhaust so you have to choose an activity that isn’t too physically demanding. If you, however, do have the strength for some physical exercise, a little cardio isn’t a bad idea.

Drink a lot of water

What’s the point in engaging in a 7 days water fast for weight loss if you don’t drink enough water. Don’t let your body suffer on two fronts. Water won’t only keep you energetic, it will also help hasten the metabolic process so that the excess fat in your body can be easily eliminated.

A daily consumption of 1-2 gallons should be adequate for the fast. If you just listen to your thirst, you should easily meet this requirement.

It is good to consume some turmeric during the fast, as it has been proven to have valuable weight-loss properties.


Weight loss can only be accomplished if you show dedication and commitment to any therapeutic solution. This is even truer for the 7 days water fast. The key to a successful procedure remains in your hand.

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