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7 Small Grey Dog Breeds You Should Check Out

Are you a small dog lover whose favorite color is grey? Well, you’re in luck as there are lots of small grey dog breeds that will be perfect for you. Apart from being low maintenance pets that like to cuddle, small grey dogs are among the best low maintenance pets for apartments.

Some breeds that belong to this category of dogs are short-haired dogs that require very little grooming; others are, however, packed with fur and require consistent grooming since they occasionally shed.

So if you’re looking for a small grey dog to adopt or buy, here are 7 breeds you should look at:

  1. Cairn Terrier


This purebred is a cute-looking canine that should definitely suit you if you’re looking for a small cuddly grey dog. Like most terriers, it is an active breed that likes to play a lot and is also assertive.

For such a small dog, the Cairn Terrier does tend to exhibit too much fearlessness and this can cause it to challenge animals it isn’t a match for. So you should always keep an eye on this adorable pet so that it doesn’t bite more than it can chew.

You will also have to be grooming it regularly has its fur can get frizzy if it isn’t taken care of.

  1. Silky Terrier


This is another cute dog that belongs to the Terrier family. Its fur coat is composed of a harmonious blend of grey and brown hair, giving the little canine a distinct look. It is a quite friendly dog that does tend to get too friendly at times and may be unable to respect boundaries.

It also loves to explore and it moves pretty quick for a small dog. Despite its extensive fur, it is a hypoallergenic dog that should be safe for anyone with dog allergies.

  1. Pumi

If you want a small dog with a fur coat that is entirely grey then this dog breed is the best option for you. The Pumi, which originates from Hungary, is definitely a beauty to behold and a suitable pet to own if you live in an apartment.

It is a quite reserved dog breed that isn’t too playful. Don’t be fooled by that, though, as this mini canine can be aggressive if it wants to protect its owner or if it encounters a stranger.

It sheds its fur quite often so you’ll have to groom it regularly to keep it tidy.

  1. French Bulldog


Of course, the French Bulldog is available in a wide range of colors depending on your taste. The grey variant, however, has an exotic look that makes it unique. Like other French Bulldogs, it is playful and quite sociable; though, there are times it just prefers to lie lazily on its stomach.

It is definitely one dog you should consider if you’re only interested in small grey dog breeds.

  1. Miniature Schnauzer

This is one cute and funny looking dog you can’t say no to if you love small grey dogs. While most of its fur coat is grey, there are a few strands of white hair that are noticeable around the dog’s face and also on other parts of its body.

It is definitely one of the world’s most popular dogs and a favorite of so many celebs. Despite being very friendly, the Miniature Schnauzer is quite intuitive and is always wary of strangers. It is also an obedient dog that listens to instructions, which means that it can be easily trained to be a well-behaved pet.

  1. Italian Greyhound


If you’re only interested in a small grey dog that is short-haired and won’t be a grooming nightmare, then this dog breed should be at the top of your list. Apart from being a very easy dog to care for, it is also a loyal dog that is quite affectionate.

It is also very agile and athletic for a small dog and can be trained to be an efficient runner. Of course, its lack of fur makes it hypoallergenic, which is perfect if you’ve got fur allergies.

  1. Chinese Crested


This adorable-looking dog is clothed with a fur coat that has at least up to 4 shades of grey. So if you’re crazy about grey, then this is the dog for you. It has a happy disposition and is a sweet-tempered animal that loves to play. It will do a lot of good if you purchase some dog toys for the pet.

It is also hypoallergenic so you’re well covered if you’ve got fur allergies.

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