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7 Dog Breeds Under 25 Pounds that are Ideal Pets for Apartments

There are lots of perks attached to getting a dog that is small in size. It is not only a much better fit for an apartment, it is also low maintenance. Feeding and grooming your pet are important tasks you will have to carry out as a pet owner. Having a dog that is small and lightweight can indeed be a blessing.

If this is an important factor you’re looking out for before choosing a pet dog, well, you’re in luck. Below are 7 awesome dog breeds under 25 pounds. They comprise mostly of low maintenance small dogs and are also low maintenance pets that like to cuddle.

  1. Bichon Frise


The bichon frise is probably the smallest a pet dog can get. This adorable-looking canine definitely ranks as one of the cutest dogs you can acquire. It is also an ideal pet dog to own if you live in a small apartment. This is because it is an indoor dog that doesn’t really need to exercise in order to stay in shape.

Renowned for its white puffy coat, the bichon frise is quite lovable and gets on well with people including kids. If you, however, want a dog that will go full Cujo on burglars then you better look elsewhere. Hey, at least you’re guaranteed to spend fewer resources on food.

  1. Bolognese

This is another small fluffy dog that is perfect if you live in an apartment. It is a cute dog with a white coat that is quite dense like that of the bichon frise. It also shares noticeable features with some other dog breeds under 25 pounds like the bichon havanese and the maltese.

Despite being small, the build of the bolognese is firm, making its entire shape clearly visible. It can be an amazing pet companion to have as long as you don’t expect holiday gifts from it.

It also sucks as a guard dog, so don’t think about getting one if your apartment’s security is a top agenda.

  1. Border Terrier

The border terrier is an impressionable little canine that is a delightful pet to own. Its fur coat is less bulky than the bolognese and the bichon frise; and while the latter two have woolly hair, that of the border terrier is a lot more coarse.

For a small dog, it is very energetic and alert and can be quite playful. It is definitely a suitable choice if you live in an apartment. If the opportunity presents itself, you can also take it outside for a walk. For a small dog, the border terrier is surprisingly rugged.

  1. Chihuahua


This list of dog breeds under 25 pounds won’t be valid if the poster child of small dogs, the Chihuahua, isn’t included. Despite its small stature, the Chihuahua is certainly one of the most playful canines you can get. So it should be a perfect companion if you’re the playful type.

It is also renowned as being a fearless dog breed despite its size. Depending on the type of Chihuahua you get, you may have to groom the animal regularly or just once in a while.

  1. Maltese

This is another popular dog that is mostly owned by people who want their pets to always remain indoors. It is definitely an ideal pet to have in an apartment or in college. It has a happy disposition and can be quite playful when it is the mood.

One trait that makes this adorable canine an ideal pet to own is its intelligence. It is quite smart for a pet dog and capable of learning certain tasks if it is properly trained. But more importantly, though, it looks good in dog clothing.

  1. Miniature Pinscher


If you want a small pet dog that is actually active and doesn’t just lie around in your apartment then this has got to be one breed you must consider. The miniature pinscher is one of the most energetic dog breeds you can get and can also be a loyal companion.

Its nearly-bare coat makes grooming an easy task you only have to do once in a while. Allowing the dog to exercise outside is a smart step to take as it helps keep it fit and eliminates restlessness when it is indoors.

  1. Norfolk Terrier

One of the smallest among the terrier family, the Norfolk terrier is both adorable and energetic. It is an active breed that likes to play with people. This makes it the perfect pet for a family with kids. It is one of the few dog breeds under 25 pounds that actually like to explore, so taking it for an occasional walk may not be a bad idea.

It is also not shy of chasing after little animals like small cats and mouse, so at least it will keep your apartment free of vermin.


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