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9 Best Family Cats

Cats are fantastic pets to keep at home. They are clean, adorable, and more importantly, very affectionate animals…unless you’re thinking of African Lions, then they are none of these things.

There are, however, some cat breeds that are ideal for families. These cats are quite social and playful and pretty much harmless towards children.

Some of the cats in this list belong to a category of the best cat breeds for cuddling. So if you’ve got a family that is made of cat lovers, here are the 9 best family cats you can get:

  1. Abyssinian


While the modern Abyssinian can be traced to Great Britain, this cat was believed to have originated from Ancient Egypt. This breed is renowned for its fur coat that is composed of a perfect blend of light and dark hair.

What makes this feline popular among cat owners isn’t its physical attributes, though, but its playful, intelligent, and extroverted personalities. This breed is also capable of forming a strong bond with its owner, with the strength of its bond rivaling that of a dog.

It is playful and non-violent, which makes it a perfect pet for your kids. It is also a breed that requires lots of care and attention, so you must do well not to ignore the animal.

  1. American Shorthair


The American Shorthair is known for its lovable disposition and calm temperament. It is also a quite social animal that gets along fine with both humans and other pets. Its calm temperament makes it a suitable pet for children since kids can become a little aggressive while playing.

It also loves to play with cat toys, so you can always get it a couple of cool toys to keep it occupied when you or your kids aren’t around. If you also live in an apartment, this is an ideal feline pet to own.

  1. Balinese


This is another cat with a long-haired fur coat. It originates from the Siamese and is a purebred that is intelligent, social, and also quite playful. It loves being around multiple people and should do well in a family with many members.

It is also friendly with kids, though, it is advisable to monitor younger kids that play with the cat. It is one of the few cats that also tolerate living with another pet…as long as it isn’t a mouse.

The Balinese is more comfortable indoors and is ideal for apartment living.

  1. Birman


This is definitely one of the best family cats you can get. It has an enchanting look that is linked to the mysterious Burma temple priest in the Mount of Lugh. Its modern origin, though, points to France.

The Birman is quite an eccentric feline breed that loves to socialize with humans and other cats. It is also a very intelligent breed that enjoys taking charge of tasks like house chores. One thing is certain if you get this pet: it will not be a slacker.

  1. Bombay

This is what you get when you mix the Burmese breed with the American Short.  It is basically a Burmese-like cat with its only standout attribute being its black fur coat.

Bombay is known to crave quite a lot of attention, which makes it a suitable pet for a family. This attribute is also a major reason why it may not be the best choice if you live alone and are often very busy.

Due to its fur coat, this cat breed requires consistent grooming. Assigning grooming tasks to every member of the family is the smart thing to do as it helps to foster a bond between your entire family and the cat.

  1. British Shorthair


If you want a loving family cat that requires little grooming then this breed is definitely the best option for you. Though this adorable feline loves the company of people, it is able to recognize boundaries and doesn’t become clingy.

If properly trained, the British Shorthair can definitely be a little more independent. It certainly doesn’t become attached and can adapt to a wide array of conditions.

  1. Burmese

Burmese certainly ranks high among the best family cats with most owners of this lovely breed admitting that it becomes a vital member of a family. It is perhaps the ultimate feline companion you can get especially if you’ve got a spouse and kids that love cats.

Also known as a Velcro cat, this breed is affectionate and loyal. It is also a quite muscular cat and can surprisingly keep watch of your home when you aren’t around.

  1. Cornish Rex


If you haven’t got the strength and chops to playfully chase after your cat, then you may want to avoid this breed. It is a very playful cat that loves to run, jump, and sprint. This makes it an ideal pet if you’ve got kids that are also quite active.

Its short-haired fur makes it the best option if you don’t want to regularly groom the animal. It is also a valuable attribute if you’ve got family members that are allergic to fur.

It doesn’t matter if you just want a cat that will play with your kids, or one to watch your favorite TV show with you, this feline is one of the best options for you and your family.

  1. Chartreux


This is a French breed that is a little bit more reserved but intelligent. It is a breed that rarely meows or cries, so you can at least guarantee some peace and quiet in your home. The Chartreux also loves to play with toys and is known to play fetch like most dogs.

This adorable cat breed does interact with every member of a family but it often forms a bond with one person who is usually the one that feeds and grooms the animal.

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