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9 Best Watchdogs for Families

Watchdogs belong to a category of dog breeds that are suitable for guarding homes and protecting owners. They are often used by owners who wish to protect their homes from intruders or burglars. They are mostly large dogs that are capable of standing up to threats and even rebuffing attacks.

If you’ve got a family and are considering getting a watchdog, you should know that not all watchdogs are capable of forming social bonds with multiple people. So if you must get one to guard your home and family, you should select among the breeds that can be easily integrated into a family.

Here are the 9 best watchdogs for families you should look at if you’re interested in owning a guard dog that will help protect your home as well as the people you love:

  1. German Shepherd

It is probably undisputed that the German Shepherd is the best watchdog among dog breeds. There is a reason why it is the dog breed of choice for law enforcement across the world. It is not only a brute canine that will stand toe to toe with any criminal, it is also an intelligent dog that can be easily trained to execute a range of law enforcement tasks.

With this in mind, the German Shepherd is definitely one of the best dogs you can get as a watchdog for your home. Even if you’ve got families, it can be trained to behave appropriately with familiar faces.

  1. Bullmastiff


While the disposition and size of this large canine don’t scream “suitable for a family”, the Bullmastiff is actually a reliable watchdog you can trust to not harm any of your loved ones.

It is an effective guard dog that barks very loudly if it spots an intruder. It can also get quite physical if the intruder fails to heed its warning.

Its sheer size makes it an intimidating animal that is capable of taking down even a large-sized human, and it won’t hesitate to attack if it feels your home or your family is threatened.

To get the best out of this canine, it is wise to acquire it when it is still young so that it has a lot of time to be used to you and your family.

  1. Doberman Pinscher


This is one agile dog breed that is loyal and an incredible watchdog. Though most Doberman Pinchers prefer sharing a bond with just a sole owner, the breed can still be trained to tolerate familiar faces.

It has an intimidating growl that will make even the most defiant intruder wet his or her pants. It also has a bark that is quite loud and ferocious. It belongs to a category of big short-haired dogs that require lots of exercise and food.

It can also be a quite stubborn canine, which is why it is much better to purchase it when it is young and thoroughly train it to obey you and your family members.

  1. Great Dane


This is one intimidating canine and definitely one of the best watchdogs for families. Despite its towering stature, it is perhaps one of the safest watchdogs for children as you can trust it to not harm your kids for whatsoever reason.

The Great Dane is actually a more tactful watchdog that will do every other thing to rebuff an intruder but won’t engage in physical confrontation. So if you’ve got an effective plan or system for dealing with intruders that require a calm but assertive dog, the Great Dane should be your ideal pick.

  1. Boxer


The Boxer is a high-energy dog that is awesome at guarding a home. Though it is quite smaller than a lot the dogs in this list, it is actually one of the most efficient watchdogs.

It does look quite intimidating and can transform its high-energy into episodes of rage especially if it encounters an intruder. It is definitely one of the best options if you’re in search of a canine that can interact with both adults and children.

  1. Bernese Mountain Dog


This breed has a history of being used as a guard dog and also a herd dog. It is one of the bravest large fluffy dog breeds you’ll find and a good option if you want a watchdog that will suit your family.

It is also a quite affectionate dog that isn’t really aggressive despite what its size suggests. It is one of the safest dogs to leave indoors if you go out to run an errand or travel out of town. It is able to conduct itself in the best manner and will definitely not mess up your home.

  1. Great Pyrenees


This big white dog breed is another canine that is mostly suitable for watching and guarding your home. Originally used in the fields for guarding herds and livestock, the Great Pyrenees is now mostly kept as a canine companion.

One of its strengths, though, is its protective nature, which is what makes it an ideal guard dog. Its thick white fur also allows it to comfortably reside indoors and outdoors depending on the weather situation.

  1. Saint Bernard

Unless you get a St Bernard that was bitten by a bat and morphed into a deadly beast, you’re pretty much safe with this breed. The St. Bernard is definitely one of the calmest breeds in this category of watchdogs. This is why it is an ideal pick if you’ve got a family.

Weighing as much 180lbs, this canine can also be a defiant protector of your home. If you want a dog that will scare away intruders without having to attack them, then this should be your first pick.

  1. Airedale Terriers

This is a lovable dog that relies more on intuition and intellect, rather than aggression and savagery. If you want a watchdog that will be an amazing pet for your kids then this should definitely be at the top of your list.

Its intelligence and strong sense of smell also make it an amazing police dog, though, it isn’t as commonly used as the German Shepherd.

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