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free love spells to make someone love you

5 Free Love Spells to Make Someone Love You

If you are looking for love spells that works almost immediately, you should consider applying these 5 steps that work immediately.

Love is a natural feeling. Many people tend to associate spells with black magic and voodoo, and only a few know the secret of white spells. Apart from this, the spells aren’t evil at all. There are countless ways to make connections with the universe to get right exactly what we want in our lives.

Some of the love spells are;

  1. Magic White Love Spell

This spell works perfectly well only when the caster is with a pure interest. To bring back someone you love but lost and also to bring back that person you have interest in and want to partner with.

This spell does not involve any complicated ritual; it only involves the passion in you to awake the strong feelings of your partner or the person you love.

free love spells

The materials needed for the spell are;

  • Red candle
  • Pink candle
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Wood matches
  • Toothpick
  • Pencil
  • Parchment paper

How to perform the chant white love Spell

  • Start by cleaning the candles, taking away any dirt. Use the oil, sprinkle on the candles.
  • You should cave your names on the red candle and also your lover’s name on the candle using the tooth pick.
  • Light up the red candle using the matches. Use the flame in the candle to light up the pink one.
  • While both candles are lighted up, focus on them for 30 minutes; now think about how deep you want the person to fall in love with you.
  • Use the pencil to draw two hearts in the paper, write your name in one of the drawn hearts and your partner’s on the other.
  • Using the red candles waxed on the hearts drawn, focus on the love you want from your partner.
  • After the hearts are covered with the wax, blow the red candle containing your name.
  • Blow off the pink candles when the wax has covered the hearts. Repeat this process for seven days with the same paper but with new hearts drawn on them.
  • On the final day, allow the candles to burn off themselves. After this, keep the paper where no one can find it. The spell would be active after the candle has all burnt up.
  1. Spell to Gain back your Lover’s Interest

 This works very effectively and it has a long-term effect in your love life. This helps in growing the relationship.

Materials needed for the spell to work;

  • Rosemary
  • Small envelope
  • Red yam
  • Compass
  • Small coin

How to Cast the Spell:

  • Write clearly the name of your partner you want back inside an envelope. Place the coin with the Rosemary firmly.
  • Refer to each of the 4 directions (so you need a compass) and name your partner, for each time you look in that direction. It’s better to start from north, east, south and west before returning to its original position.
  • Take a coin, put it in an envelope. Cover the envelopes and seal it after words
  • Take the red string and wrap the envelope before tying it to the yarn.
  • Take the envelope you tied with a red string to one of your favorite places to prepare before starting the ritual.
  • Remove the rosemary, grind it between your palms and blow it into the air.

Finally, say it 17 times “Come back to me”. After completing the spell, you will immediately see your beloved’s interests.

  1. Angels of Light Love Chant

Many believe that chanting embodies your desires in the form of sound. In the real sense, your desires already exist and the universe listens to you. Most times your words are much stronger than what you imagined.

Materials required for Angels of Light Love Spell

  • Red lighter or white
  • Four candles (Crimson)
  • Ceramics angels
  • Two inches red velvet ribbon

How to cast the spell of Angels of Light

  • You’ll have to place two ceramic angels on the table, making sure they are placed in a such way that they are facing your direction.
  • Place four crimson candles round the ceramic angels.
  • Lit up four candles, and place them around the angels using the lighter in a clockwise direction.
  • While the candles are burning off , say the following
  • “I call on the angels to heal my spirit and heal my heart that is wishing for a new love. I need the love and I want it to come to me”
  • Make the candles to burn off all themselves. When the candles are all burnt down. The spell activates automatically.
  1. The doll love Chant

This is the most powerful of all love spells.

Materials needed for the love spell:

  • Man’s cloth
  • Man’s hair
  • A doll

How to cast the doll love spell:

  • Insert the man’s cloth in a doll, put a glue on his head and place it on the head of the doll.
  • The doll spiritually gains control of his physical.
  • Next, pin the doll right to your bed, then get a pillow for it beside you.
  • When you go to bed, talk to the doll as if you were talking to him. He would feel it spiritually and want to be with you.
  1. The triple knot love spell

This is yet another free and effective spells, which can also last for a long time.

Materials required for the triple knot love spell:

  • 24-inch red ribbon
  • patchouli oil
  • Ylang-ylang oil

How to cast the triple knot love spell

  • Put a drop or two of the both oils in your palm and then rub them together.
  • Place the ribbon and rub it downwards with the hand.
  • Get three knots on from the ribbon at intervals.
  • As you are tying the first knot, you say this chant “With the love of one, my love will surely come”.
  • On making the second knot, say this chant “With the love of two, my love is so true”.
  • At the 3rd knot, say this chant “With these three knots, so it is” After this, lop the knob either on your bedroom door or on your bed side.

Wait for the result afterwards.

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