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Free Urine Love Spells That Work Very Fast

If you want to learn how to cast love spell using urine, you are in the right place.

A simple love spell using urine comes into reach when thinking of casting love spell. It is absolute free, easy to perform, and the labor does not take long to bear fruits. Here, we will show you few and effective ways to go about casting urine love spell.


The three major urine love spells that will be discussed in details here are:


  • Love spell with urine and sugar
  • Urine jar spell
  • Urine freezer spell


One hardly misses his way when it comes to casting love spell using urine; reason being that, unlike some love spell, urine love spell does not force your partner to love you. But even at this, it works wonders and it takes a short period of time to manifest.

Free Love Spell Using Urine

One good side of this love spell is that it is free, and everyone loves free things. The major purpose of using this love spell is to bring back a lover. Maybe you had a breakup with your lover, and you want him/her back, this spell is meant for you.

If you consult an expert in the field of love spell, he will advice that you go for this magical love spell if you really want to get your partner back. Apart from the fact that it is free, another merit of urine love spell is that it does not take time to manifest and your lover is not forced to come back loving you. Instead, they develop the will to love you.

What will you gain if you cast a love spell on your lover, and the spell forces them to come back loving you? Absolutely, nothing positive! Instead, you may end up having a toxic relationship, where you will know no peace. This calls for you to always examine the side effects of any love spell before you cast it.

As for urine love spell, it does not have any side effect; your lover is not forced coming back to you. The magic only works by revealing who really you are to them. So, if you want your lover back, you are advised to opt for urine love spell.

There are handful methods of casting urine love spell. Some people prefer to go by the method of using urine and sugar. Some opt for the method of urine jar. And some, urine freezer spell. Here, we will examine the various ways of casting urine love spell. Sit back and enjoy.

  1. Love Spell with Urine and Sugar

The first thing that comes to mind when you see the headline — urine love spell — is that you would need your partner’s urine. It sounds good to let you know that you won’t need your partner’s urine to perform urine love spell.

What you will need is your urine, and not your partner’s. And now that sugar is involved, you need your urine and sugar. The purpose of sugar in the sacrifice is to add the sweet effect of sugar to your relationship. It sweetens your relationship.

Here are the few easy-to-get ingredients you will need for this love spell:


  • A glass or plastic container (of small size) with a cover
  • Your lover’s photo
  • Your urine


Now, let us see the steps of casting urine love spell with sugar:

Put your lover’s photo into the container, which is advisable to be of small size. With your partner’s photo still inside, fill the container with your urine, making sure it covers your partner’s photo. The essence of filling the container completely is that you will not want an incomplete love.

Now, add some sugar to the concussion and cover it. The next step for you to take is to dig a small pit that is deep and wide enough to contain the container. Bury the covered concussion. The purpose of burying this is to make sure that the sacrifice is not exposed to sunlight, as this will neutralize the whole effect of the work.

Urine Jar Spell for Love

Another method of urine love spell is urine jar spell for love. This is also simple and free. It promises to bring back your lover if you will follow the procedures as illustrated. This method works fast as well and it has no side effect.

Follow the procedures here and you will be amazed how it works like magic. Is it not even a magic? Just be assured that no one will get hurt during and after the process.

The easy to get ingredients you will need for this are:


  • A few drops of honey
  • A white candle
  • A glass jar
  • A paper
  • And the basic ingredient of the sacrifice — your urine

(Don’t also forget to bear it in mind that you will need your faith in this sacrifice, just like other sacrifices).

The steps:


  • Take the container and add some drops of honey.
  • Add some drops of your urine as well.
  • Light up the candle and let some drops of candle wax drop into the container.
  • Take out the paper and write the name of the person you have in mind to enchant with the spell on it.
  • Don’t forget to also write what you want from the person. Drop it into the container.
  • Close the container with its cover. And you have come to the end of casting this method of urine love spell.


Urine Freezer Spell

Another variety of urine love spell is urine freezer spell. This is quite unique in purpose compared to the other varieties of urine love spell. This method is designed for those that have some forms of harassment from their ex.

If after breaking up with your ex, your ex wages some forms of war against you (physically or spiritually), this method is meant for you. But like other methods of urine love spell, this also does not have any side effect, and it takes a short period of time to see it manifest.

This method works by freezing the energy used for causing problems in your life. The energy needed for a normal life is thereby restored into your life. Going by this method is the best for you if you will want to freeze the energy your ex uses to wage war against you.

In performing this method, attention should be paid to all of the precautions. This method is more powerful than any other method illustrated above. Ice will be needed in this method, and it should therefore be handled with care.

The required ingredients in performing this variety of urine love spell are as thus:


  • A container (advisably, a glass jar)
  • A photo of the person or the document you want to freeze
  • A black candle
  • Urine and
  • A freezer


The steps:

Put the document or photo in the container. Fill the container with urine to cover the photo or document. Cover the container with its cover.

Light the black candle and let some drops of the wax fall on the cover of the container (black candle is used to make sure that no other power overcomes the spell). And repeat this chant seven times “I,  (mention your name) freeze you with ice and fire”. Make sure a drop of the candle wax falls on the cover of the container the seventh time you repeat the chant.

Keep the container in a freezer and let it freeze. Be patient as you watch the magic work. When you start noticing the effect of the work, you can throw away the whole work. Hence, the problem remains forever frozen.

It is true that there is no perfect partner anywhere. But even with this, you don’t deserve to stay in an unhealthy relationship. So, use any of the above methods to your advantage by either gaining your love or setting yourself free from one. The forces of the universe will obey your commands.

49's Team