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Does an Aries Man Get Jealous When He Loves You

An envious Aries man when envious could act like a child and irritated for the slightest reasons when things are not going his way. He is passionate about what he desires and sometimes there may be no clear cut explanations why he is acting that way. People tend to avoid toxic associations where they have to affirm the other person in the relationship especially if the person is on a disastrous path.

If an Aries man you are in a relationship with is getting on your nerves, it is best to take a break from that association and reflect whether it is worth being in that relationship or not.

Signs that an Aries man is Jealous

Since he wears his heart on his sleeves, it doesn’t take long to find out an Aries man who is being eaten up by envy. Being temperamental, he is most likely to blow his fuse but he is also able to get things under control because his anger busts are usually short-lived.

How to deal with his envious traits

Tolerance is key when handling his envious behaviour. There is a school of thought that believes he should be able to have his way; accepting that thought process would only aggravate relationship issues with him as, in most cases, he would want to insist he is always right even in obvious cases that says otherwise.

He probably wants to push back at you. This is where you have to act with tact so that a situation that can be handled discreetly does not go combustible.

Does He try and make you Envious?

He would try to make you envious by teasing you with other ladies; pretending he enjoys their company more than he enjoys yours. This is just a game he is playing to reawaken any dwindling interest in him and not refer to him as a yesterday’s man. He may want you to realize that you have competition and that the present competition finds in him what you never recognized that he possesses.

Does a jealous Aries Man become More Reserved?

If you are not falling for his whims and caprices, he tends to withdraw into his shell rather than confront you when there are pressing issues concerning the relationship to be sorted out. He keeps more to himself believing that he may get hurt in further associations.

Is the Aries Man a Control Freak?

The answer to this is a simple yes. Since he sees you as a very valuable person, seeing that of all the ladies within his reach, you measured up to the yardstick he used in settling for you; he will want to act domineering. He will tend to make you want to act under pressure not giving you a voice in the relationship and always wanting to have his way in taking key decisions going forward.

Can You Make an Aries Man Jealous?

Without much effort on your path, you can make an Aries man jealous by doing things your own way. Let go of constraints by developing an active past time and focus on things that will make you a better individual in all ramifications.

As he becomes aware that your world doesn’t revolve around him, you begin to gain respect and admiration from him, though he may grudgingly accept that you could always enjoy your life with or without him being in the picture.

Should You Make Him Jealous?

An Aries man may fail to appreciate you or act belittling to you, and then you have the right to reciprocate by trying to get even with him – by making him jealous. Put him to the test to see if you have a special place in his life. Though it may sound immature, playing him at his own game will garner points for you in the respect and admiration column and he will think twice before trying to run you down.

How do you know an Aries man is Turning You Down?

If you expect him to explain things away, you probably are not dealing with an Aries man. If you no longer catch his fancy, he could be very blunt and downright straight to the point.

He will seem inconsiderate to your feelings but you can gladly move on because he obviously has moved on from the relationship and he has been candid with what he expects from you in the long run. Though he may find you a worthy companion, he seems destined for other things.

How Does He Handle Separation?

He finds it hard to come to grip with separations. He will display signs of immaturity by engaging in untoward conversations to give you a certain feeling of worthlessness and he points out to you your flaws he has noticed but did not tell you all the times you were in a relationship with him.

He waits for the right time to point these shortcomings to kind of have an edge over you as each goes your separate ways. His attitude is to prove to himself that your behavior caused the breakup and he has no part to do with taking the moral high ground that in this case, he is infallible.

Is He Disappointed Over a Separation?

Though he may be deeply hurt as a result of a separation, he won’t openly confess that he misses anything from the relationship he is walking away from. He will justify his positions and expect you to be a peacemaker in restoring the relationship. His only disappointment will be the part he did not play in ensuring that the relationship did not hit the rock.

Does He Miss His Old Flames after a Separation?

The answer is yes! He will remember how you made him special and feel wanted. He will come to full awareness of what could be out there as he realizes that he may never be adored in such manner by ladies he will engage within future relationships.

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