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how to put a curse on someone

Curse spells for Free: How to Put a Curse on Someone that Hurt You Badly

Do you get angry at someone who has hurt you so much and you want to learn “How to put a curse on anyone that hurts you”? If your answer is yes, that means you have to consider putting a curse on them and see them suffer. But before putting a curse on them, you must first believe that your spell will work, if you do it.

Placing a curse on someone can make them sick, go mad and bring some bad luck eventually. But the important thing is that you can always undo the spells if it has brought a lot of suffering to the person.

Curse spells work instantly and that is the most interesting part of it. But you should be aware of its negative consequences it may bring to the person. For example, a curse placed on someone may first have effects on you before being transferred to the target person. You should be aware of this.

In this article, you will be learning curse spells that will cause pain to someone who has hurt you one way or the other. But then you must remember that curse spell is not a thing of joke and you must direct it to the target person, and not the innocent one.

Before casting a spell, know its side effects

  1. Curse spells to make Someone lose Inspiration

This type of curse spell is directed to someone who hurt you badly and you want to make them to lose inspiration in there. To carry out this course, you’ll need to follow some steps.

A needle and thread, a cloth poppet, the hand writing of the person or picture, a pen for drawing a cause sigil, Muddy soil, cotton balls, empty jar, sticky liquid preferable molasses and poisonous herbs.

What to do

  • Draw a course sigil for losing inspiration on the person’s handwriting or picture.
  • Take the person’s picture or handwriting; put in the chest of the cloth poppet; the cloth represents the target person, don’t forget that.
  • Cut the upper area of the poppet head and fill it with cotton buds. This is to make sure that their thoughts are in confusion.
  • Now, take the muddy soil on the poppets limbs. This is to make the person very sluggish and to lack the inspiration to do something meaningful in their lives.
  • Insert the poisonous herbs in the poppet chest to destabilize the person’s creativity.
  • Finally, place the poppet in a container and fill with the sticky liquid to make the target person stuck.
  • Put the container in a dark secret place and then wait for wonders of the spell.
  1. Bad luck curse Spells

These spells are aimed to bring serious bad luck on someone that hurt you. The important thing about this spell is that it can be casted from afar. The following items are needed.

  • White candle
  • Paper
  • Photo of your target
  • Red inked pen

how to put a curse on someone

What to do:

  • Sitting cross-legged in the middle of the night in a dark and quiet room
  • Light a candle and concentrate on the flame.
  • Think about all the bad moments in which the person has hurt you and how you want to revenge.
  • Enter the name of the person behind the photo with a red pen.
  • Close your eyes while holding the photo in your right hand and say the following chant:

‘’I invoke the power to come forth and curse Mr. E with bad luck. The person has hurt me so badly. Make them feel pains just the way they have caused me.’’

  • Burn the pictures of the person using a candle
  • Leave the ash close to the candle and blow it off.
  • Sit and relax for the spell to perform its magic.
  1. Friendly Curse

It’s a curse that aims to politely push someone in the right way without making it hurt them. You need the following items:

  • Pen
  • white paper
  • Glass with lid
  • vinegar
  • Hot pepper


  • Half-fill the glass with vinegar.
  • Add the hot peppers to the jar.
  • Write the name of the target person on a piece of paper and place it in the jar.
  • Concentrate on the person and think of the bad things that they have caused you.
  • Visualize negative things that must happen to someone. They should not be too extreme.
  • Place the lid back on the jar and keep it in a dark place.

Wait for your curse to take action

  1. Anger Curse

This spell is purposely aimed to make you angry quickly; it overcomes your emotions. These spells have a strong effect so they are maintained and do not need to be applied regularly. The following items are needed;

  • Three candles (black, red and orange)
  • Three flower buds
  • Red pen
  • Piece of Paper


  • Place the candles in a triangle shape.
  • Make sure the red candle is at the bottom and the orange candle is at the top.
  • Light a candle, starting with a black one, followed by an orange candle, then a red candle.
  • Use a red pen to write the person’s name on a piece of paper.
  • Take each flower bud and burn it with a certain candle.
  • Make sure you collect ashes from each flower buds on the paper that contains the name of your target.
  • Fold the ash paper and burn it gently on the black candle flame.
  • Focus on the flame and say the following Chant:

“Mr. W has done wrongs to me, now is the payback time; with this candle flame I send your peace of mind to the highest powers; with the help of this flame I burn your spirits, may you be hot and dangerous temper.”

Complete the spell by turning off the candle and wait for a miracle in the coming days.

  1. Curse Spell To Make Him/Her Regret

This spell will cause those who hurt you to regret of their mistakes. The following items are needed: a piece of paper, a red pen, and a target’s name.

What to do:

  • Use a red pen to write the target’s name on a piece of paper.
  • Place your attention on the person and think about his cruelty and the harm caused.
  • Think about how that person feels about you when you are hurt, and how you want them to regret on their actions
  • Fold the piece of paper horizontally and burn totally.
  • As the paper turns to ashes, continue to remember the negative things that the person made you feel.

The person will feel guilty and regret their actions as soon as possible.

  1. Spell to curse a Cheating Spouse

This curse spell targets an infidel spouse, partner or lover and aims to separate them from their lovers in their new relationship. You need the following items to curse the spell:

  • Red ribbon
  • A pen and a piece of paper
  • Black candles
  • The name of your spouse and the person who your partner is cheating on.

What to do:

  • Write their names on a separate sheet.
  • Place the papers together and fold.
  • Tie the red ribbon around the folder.
  • Light a black candle and burn.
  • Say the following spell;

“I invoke the spirits of water, earth, air and fire to come out, make these two hearts not to be happy, I use this holy candle flame to spread hatred between them.”

Blow out the candle after the paper has burnt to ashes. This spell can be repeated in three consecutive days until the desired results are achieved.

  1. Curse of sleep

Going by this, the curse of the sleep is directed at someone who has hurt you, and you want to hurt them back by casting a curse on them to sleep upon having important things to do like interviews, jobs, lost appointments, or missed places they have planned to go.

This spell should be performed in the dark, isolated room, quiet andonly lit by candles. For this spell to work very well, you don’t need to worry about hurting someone. In addition, you must have confidence in what you do, else the curse would be directed right back at you.

You would need the following;

  • Black candles
  • Strong chant
  • Victory of choice.

What to do:

  • In the middle of the night light up the black candle.
  • Sit with your legs and arms crossed on the floor.
  • Light the incense and concentrate on the aroma when burning to release the room.
  • When inhaling the scent, close your eyes and sing:

“I’m a witch who has never lost a fight, the way you make me suffer, I want you to suffer too. May misfortune follow you, may you sleep, and everything to go wrong with you. You would sleep each time you do hurt me.”

  1. Curse to make some people feel worthless in their lives.

This is a very strong curse that should be done only to the once you hate, dislike and despise. It can also be targeted to a bully or the ones who cause something miserable to your life. Therefore, you want to make them worthless too taking vengeance upon their actions.

The following things are needed:

  • Cup of dirt
  • Hair strand of the victim
  • Pinch of salt
  • Black candle

What to do:

  • Light the candle in a quiet and dark place
  • Sprinkle the salt around you in a circle while sitting on the floor. This would keep the negative energy far away
  • Think about all the negative things the person has done to you.
  • Place the dirt on the candle flame
  • Recite the following chanting

‘You have put me in pains, now it’s my turn to pay back. I therefore summon the highest of powers to come and make you miserable and useless. Let the curse last long in as much as you continue to hurt me’.

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